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  1. Howdy all, Finally, got the boat halves welded together, and the aft finished up. Plus, I had to do quite a bit of touch up painting since I'm about as delicate as a steam shovel! I really like the coppering on the bottom. I think it adds a lot of "wow, that's different." Added some chains to the rudder. Not sure how accurate, but they look nice - so good enough. The mount is just temporary. The clay grips the model, but allows me the ability to manipulate the boat if I need to get at a weird angle. The eyebolts were a bear to make and install, but I think, worth the time a
  2. Howdy Steve, I continue to marvel at your skill! Really, you are 'ROCKSTAR'ing it big time! This model belongs in a museum! Ciao for now
  3. Howdy CAPT Al, I look forward to following this one. Keep it coming! Ciao for now
  4. Howdy Anton, I respect much your build! Beautiful. I hear you on the movie "Admiral." I watched it on Netflix, and while I had to read the subtitles, I absolutely was fascinated by the movie. Well-made, well-acted and very interesting!! Ciao for now
  5. Howdy all, I had noticed this before, but the rudder and the hull were solid plastic. The more I looked at it, the more it bothered me. So, I took a drill and drilled all the holes between the hull and the rudder, and then cleaned it out with an Xacto knife. Small detail, but I think it looks much nicer than just painting it black, and creating an "illusion" on the gap. Anyway, OCD won the day, and I feel better now. Plus, thanks to Gregory for turning me on to JTilley's Bounty (which is a masterpiece, BTW), I will try his copper sheathing layout on the opposite side of the b
  6. Howdy wefalck, Thanks. That makes absolute sense. Sorry about the "hinges" thing. I don't know the nomenclature like I should. Ciao for now
  7. Howdy all, I have a question for the brains around here; would the copper sheathing go over the hinges? The reason why I ask is because I have seen both styles (hinges covered by sheathing and hinges not covered by sheathing). In thinking about it, I think that the hinges would not be covered because that would cause galvanic action. Thoughts? Ciao for now
  8. Howdy Race and Fright, Fright, are you talking about the tab located between the two supports that keep the ship upright? I do believe that one is for a center support that also holds the nameplate (I think). Ciao for now
  9. Howdy all, Well, I did decide to copper the bottom. First, I went to the LHS and got some nice Vallejo blue and yellow. I never prime (something that I really need to start doing) so it took 6 coats to get the color somewhat uniform. After the LHS, I headed over to Hobby Lobby and bought some of the copper tape that stained-glass window folks use. And, it went on like a dream. Now, I tried to make it look accurate, but I mostly used strips and then scored it with a tweezers (made the size the same, and did the job twice as fast. I used strips because I didn't want to cut each
  10. Hey Race and Fright, Good job on the boat. She is really coming along. I have an idea; I make the belaying pin racks by cutting them off, drilling holes, and then super-gluing wire into the holes, and cut them to length. I use the wire that people use for floral arranging. It's thicker, but still bends easy. Maybe you could do that....The decks look really great. Ciao for now
  11. Howdy Eric, Thanks for the support and looking at my humble attempt at making plastic better. I had mine in my office, when the vacuum caused a door to slam real hard and actually made a frame fall off the wall, which then knocked the Beagle onto the floor.... However, I did want to show what the life boat looks like now that she is finished and in place. I know the coiled ropes look a little cheesy, but I like them, so they stay. Then I did some smaller ropes fore and aft and that's it. She's good
  12. Howdy everyone, Well, I just learned something else on the website. Someone (and I wish that I could remember who, but hat tip to them) suggested doing the ratlines after all other rigging has been done. I say right now - Genius!!!! I owe that man or woman a beer (or suitable drink of their choosing). Ciao for now
  13. Ciao Frankie, Robert said it best; She is a treasure. Loves me some Revell Plastic. I heard they are re-issuing it sometime soon! Wonder how much the kit cost in 1959??? Ciao for now
  14. Howdy all, Just wanted to make the launch a little more detailed. I still need to afix a rudder. I just used styrene strips and put some ribs in. The center piece of wood was my first idea to put a wooden lower deck/floor, but it didnt' work out too well. So, I just added the plastic ribs and good to go. Oh, I will also be adding some eyebolts; one on the fore, and two aft. Ciao for now
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