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Suggestion for those with laser machines


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This came from a discussion that turned into threadjacking on Mark's Licorne build log, as he was discussing his use of his laser to cut pre-fit deck planks for the Licorne.


That made me think of something I've been wondering about, every single kit build you see 1) kit bulkheads fitted to keel, 2) blocks of some kind inserted at the bows and sterns at least because every single kit has way fewer bulkheads than it should, particularly around the bow and stern.


What I've been wondering is why someone doesn't make quick 3d hull models of major kits (this really would be quick to anyone experienced) by using the kit bulkhead shapes placed at the correct locations on the 3d model. Once that model is skinned, you can slice it at any particular point and there's the bulkhead outline at that location. Add a little to allow for sanding to fully fair the hull with proper curves the whole way and there's the shape you'd need to cut with the laser.


Only other factor is looking at the fit on the keel/keel plate to figure out what kind of fit you need for these extra parts.


Doing versions with 2 or 3 or more bulkheads between each kit bulkhead would be trivial, with best results probably being variable, with many at the bow and stern, and a few less at midships, with the goal being that once sanded every plank should lay in a continuous curve as the real ones did and all are supported sufficiently so there are no problems with planks flexing under sanding.


Anyway, since every kit build includes this step it seems to be a viable niche market for someone with a laser to sell into. I'd certainly pay a reasonable amount of money for pre-made parts that made this annoying step easier. And it's not like you'd have to maintain a big stock, you just make sure you have the files you need and when you make a sale, run what's needed through the laser and ship.


Mark suggested we take the idea here to see if there are any takers.

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