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  1. I understand that moving such a large product catalog online is a big task and paying someone to do it would not be cheap. However, they must be losing sales without an online presence. It might be nice if they at least gave the catalog price and how to order it on their website. That should be a minimum level of online service. I still like printed catalogs because sometimes you see stuff you didn't know existed. I would spend $12 if it were easy to order.
  2. Wow, 6 years later 🙈 I shouldn't have looked - it just reminds me how little progress I've made. However, I have made some progress and still haven't given up - so I'm calling that a win. I also have some radical plans for the rigging. So here's to 2021 😀.
  3. Maybe you could insert one or more metal pins into the wood that would touch the motor and transmit the heat to the outside. When they get hot, you know it's time to take a break. Copper rod could be quite decorative.
  4. I coppered my current build. This was done mostly to cover up poor planking but only after I was able to find a way to make plates that were reasonably accurate. I'm also planning to not do the rigging as per the kit plans because it's too simplified. So historical accuracy is important to me. However, just to be inconsistent I probably won't do it again! I'm building ship models in wood because I like sailing ships and I love wood as a material. These are items I find enjoyable to build and to look at. I would not build a modern warship model because I like neither the subject or
  5. The non-pickup-poop-people definitely (although we fortunately have few of those in our neighborhood). What we do have is folk who ignore you when you're out walking and move off the sidewalk for them to social distance. I don't expect a conversation but an acknowledgement that you actually exist would be nice. I give a nod or a "hi". I get back nothing. I'm a bit of an old curmudgeon, so I'd better stop now before I end up writing a really, really, long list.
  6. Unfortunately Dan passed away earlier this year. He is greatly missed. Hopefully someone else here will be able to help.
  7. I think basically the same only smaller. I am in the middle of building a tenon jig This is based on a common design you can find online. This is for box making, not ship modelling. I actually enjoy making this stuff (I constructed a zero-clearance jig for the crosscut sled already) and I expect to build something to help when I get to ripping planks.
  8. I certainly wasted quite a few initially and occasionally later when I wasn't paying attention. I found that bending the paper almost into a U shape when I got the first 1/4" peeled off worked best. So I'd hold the peeled end of the copper between finger and thumb of my left hand (I'm right-handed). Then support the copper with the middle finger (to keep it flat). Finally peel the paper off using my right hand finger and thumb.
  9. At least he's wearing a helmet (except it should be a lot bigger).
  10. Seeing booklet takes me back about 50 years 😀
  11. My most recent order was placed on Oct 13th and arrived yesterday. Unfortunately we've all been spoiled by Amazon and their billions of dollars investment. I can see the mail arrive from my "working from home office". Yesterday I could see him put the mail in the box but noticed he had a flat cardboard package as well. He drives a couple of feet to the end of our driveway. I then manage to get downstairs and beat him to our front door. This is what passes for excitement in these times.
  12. Received the last 2 books I ordered from Seawatch - Swan Class vols I and II. Well worth the wait. They were ordered Oct 13th. The time to arrive doesn't bother me but there's always that niggling worry that they might get lost. I now have all the Seawatch books I need. I want all of them but my wallet isn't bottomless.
  13. The Byrnes thickness sander is next on my list of "expensive" tools. However, that will also mean improving my dust collection system. Fein vacuum cleaners are supposed to be amongst the quietist, so that's on my list too. But there's also the space issue. One option I have considered is some good pre-planning and just using the sander outdoors as weather and season permits. This is not a simple hobby 🤔
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