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  1. Has a restore been tested though? I have seen this a few times - IT says "yes we have a backup" only to find they can't actually restore the data when it was needed! The hosting company I use was hit by a ransomware attack over the weekend. This left multiple databases and backups encrypted. My own site was down but doesn't contain anything other than an app, so for me it was minor but for others it was very serious. I don't envy you the work supporting this site. I am extremely grateful to you and all the other admins for the hard work you do! Richard.
  2. Back in 2014 when I restarted this hobby, I joined 2 forums, this one and another whose name I couldn't remember. I rapidly decided to make this one my home😀. So I thought I'd better check SOS. They have no record of me, so that saves me the trouble of leaving! While I was there I did check their "Rules and Terms" page - it just contains a load of self-serving BS! So I will continue to stay well away from their fetid site and any other piracy. Richard.
  3. I've done the same thing. You can both edit a quote to remove stuff you don't want or delete the whole quote using the backspace key.
  4. I got myself the same thing a couple of months ago. I even got the 11% rebate back (which bought me a couple of long-nose clamps and some #18 blades). It is a nice unit and comes with a clamp for the bench and yes, I do like the variable speed. Richard.
  5. I expect to retire in about 3 years. So I've started to plan for my retirement project (but hopefully not the only one). This was a birthday gift from my family: I've also already purchased the cannons from Greg Herbert (while they're still available), and Volume II will make a good gift next birthday. I wanted to stick to 1/48th scale (ok, so my current build is 1/50th but that's close), but not have something too big. I now have 3-4 years to complete my current build and do a couple of intermediate builds. Hopefully that will also give me time to persuade my wife that spending some moderately large sums of money on tools is good. Richard.
  6. One of my two daughters is now away at college. So there's now 25% less people in the house. The quantity of laundry has dropped by a lot more than 25%. Richard.
  7. My plan is to print a reference line next to the scale line. Richard.
  8. Gaetan, I'm still not 100% convinced that this isn't actually a full-sized ship and you just have some really big clamps. Wonderful work! And thank you also for taking the time to provide excellent photographs so we can really see your model. I always look forward to seeing your posts. All the best, Richard
  9. Pat, You are using the the Feet/Decimal Inches unit? Thanks, Richard.
  10. Pat, I've purged the cache on Cloudflare, I don't think there's anything else to do. Hopefully the new version will get to you eventually 🤔. Richard.
  11. Yes, I posted it last night. I just checked on my phone and my wife's and it was working. Have you tried refreshing the page? Thanks, Richard.
  12. Pat, I've added Feet/Decimal inches as a unit: Enjoy 😀 Richard.
  13. Pat, Feet/Inches does not accept decimals. It assumes old fashioned "pre-decimal" numbers; i.e. Feet and inches as whole numbers and fractions of an inch. I need to add a new Feet/Decimal Inches unit. Gregory, To enter feet you separate the different units. So for 3ft 2 inches, enter 3 then a space then 2. For 3 ft 0 inches, enter 3 then space then 0. For the fractions enter a space after the inches. So for 3ft 2 4/5 inches, enter 3, space, 2, space, then 4/5. E.g.: The ... under the text box, means the software doesn't understand the number entered. The data entry was designed as a single box to make data entry easier but it's not always easy to also make it intuitive 😀. There is also a Help screen available from the menu on the bottom. Thanks for your input. Richard
  14. Banyan, Sorry, I'm a little confused. You can already enter 6.3 inches (or millimeters/meters): If this is not what you meant, please let me know. I have already started on an Android version. Until that's complete, you can still use the app via the browser on the phone. Because of the cost, I will not be building an iPhone version though. I can add Dutch units (or other countries), I just need some information: What were the units/sub-units called? How many cm or mm to each unit? So for French, I used: "The French foot, pied, measured 32.48 cm, and was divided into 12 inches—pouces—of 2.71 cm. The inch was further divided into 12 lines— lignes—of .226 cm, and finally, the line was divided into 12 points— points—measuring .0188 cm each. (from Boudriot and Berti 1993: 10.)". I didn't bother with points, 1.88 mm at full-size would be microscopic at scale model size! Apparently there were many different units at the time, see - https://units.fandom.com/wiki/Voet_(Old_Dutch) I have no idea which of these would be appropriate for ships of the time. Thanks, Richard
  15. You can enter decimals in either of the measurement fields except when the unit is feet/inches (English or French). If you can get drawings in the original vector format e.g. from a cad program then scaling is easy however if they're images or on paper then it's really difficult. Richard.

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