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  1. I appear to have congenital "measure twice, cut three times" syndrome. Added to this is a little procrastination along with a bit of analysis paralysis. These problems and a full-time job make me a very slow builder. On my current build, I've planked the deck twice and rebuilt the main "cabin" three times. However, that doesn't stop me enjoying this hobby. For me it's the journey that matters.
  2. I've bought belaying pins from them. Product and service were excellent.
  3. To allow a secure https connection, a website has a certificate issued by a 3rd party. This has expired and so the browser is warning you that it cannot make a secure connection which is a risk. You should be able to proceed to the site, look for the advanced link. Whether you want to place an order is up to you. You could also contact them by email. I assume they use a web hosting company to manage their site and they may not be aware of the problem.
  4. My local store had a bit more. I should have checked when I originally noticed they were going to stop selling it.
  5. For those of you with a Michaels in the area, they getting rid of all their basswood, balsa, and plywood at good prices.
  6. I have used gilmerwood (including for holly) and would recommend them. Another couple of suppliers I have used are https://www.cookwoods.com/ and https://www.exoticlumber.com/. The availability varies from week to week. Holly is really expensive though. I assume you're looking for supplies to mill? Generally I've found Exotic Woods to be cheapest but supplies are very limited (beware of their search, it will show out of stock items). Cook Woods is usually the most expensive but do have 1/8" and 1/4" sheets. Shipping will just add to the eye-watering cost.
  7. I was grabbing a couple of shots from a book to Google photos for a thread here and noticed a pop-up had appeared "Copy text from image". So as one does, I clicked on it. From this It was able to extract "their localities and asking if there would be any objection to the use of small pilot-boat schooners of the latest type. At about the same time the cutters received back from the Navy were sold; ..." Given the curvature of the text, especially towards the spine, I thought the results were impressive. OCR has been around for a while but the ease of use here was excellent, I didn't even have to rotate the photo. This was Google photos in Chrome taken on an Android phone - YMMV. Please don't use this for piracy🤨
  8. That's good to hear (😜), this was on my list so I can move out of the garage and into the basement. Having a real person's opinion is better than 5-stars on a web site.
  9. I only know part of the answer - the blackening will not work where there is CA glue. The part must be very clean. I use acetone to clean followed by a bath in a Sparex pickling solution.
  10. It certainly looks good but I also noticed the price. For framing a small picture it would be fine but we would need 4 or 5 not small pieces (and some people have multiple models). Fortunately I don't expect to have a model that's worth that much. I'll keep them out of direct sunlight and hope nobody breaks the glass.
  11. For those interested in more information on some of these temples, I received a copy of "Heian Temples: Byodo-In and Chuson-Ji" by Toshio Fukuyama today. I've only skimmed the book so far. It's well illustrated with both interior and exterior shots. The information on the history and artistic significance will need a deeper dive. Definitely recommended.
  12. One of the problems I find is how the heights of tools vary. For example I have a scroll saw with a table and a spindle sander also with table - about 8" higher than the saw. And while we're talking about annoyances, I have 5 power tools with 4 different sizes of dust port.
  13. "Skilled flying or just nuts?" Yes
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