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  1. Tagua nuts can fairly big (50mm) however they apparently always have a void somewhere inside, so I don't think they'd work for large figure heads. For smaller decorative carvings they could be really good - no grain and they can be dyed. You can even buy slices. My carving abilities are zero at the moment but a couple of my planned builds have some carving needed. Has anyone here used them?
  2. If making ship models required this level of carving I'd have to give it up. Amazing.
  3. I had my flu and pneumonia shots last year, and my first covid shot a couple of weeks ago. All of them left my arm sore for a day or so. Having 2 shots at the same time was worse because it was one in each arm. Being a side-sleeper, I wasn't able to get comfortable. They were all better than getting the disease 👍.
  4. Wonderful. This is on my retirement build list (a very short list). I have the books, I have the cannons, now all I need is the skill. Fortunately, I also have the peace of mind that not reaching this level is ok.
  5. Not sure if this helps. When I don't have the equipment to take off material, I find adding material sometimes works. For the rail above I see a rod and 3 washers. The problem here is the common one in our hobby - everything is so small. I'm surprised the file didn't work though. Copper is fairly soft. A new high-quality file might help. That and a template to hold it steady.
  6. Thanks Michael. Actually there's about a 1/2 mm gap. I had debated with myself about having it slide on the base. However I wasn't sure if it might become a problem later if I had any expansion of the wood.
  7. Thanks Don. I'll definitely curse! Still it's nice to see a well used and worn tool.
  8. I think I'm going buy/make some small clamps which can then be clamped back in the vice to hold smaller items. As Wefalck mention some different jaws may help. I looked at parallels in the past but was put-off by the price. I'll probably make stuff as needed. Plenty of opportunity to make more jigs!
  9. I wanted a reasonable quality vise for my drill press. I had a cheap Amazon one that I threw away it was so bad. I have one of these: Which is ok but not great. As well as having a small opening size, those enormous mounting slots are useless. You can get really good machinists vises but they're expensive and I'm not milling big chunks of steel. So I decided to make one. I used rods, bearings, and brackets designed for CNC machines on a 1/4" aluminium plate. The body is 9 and 12mm birch ply. I wanted it to lo
  10. I thinks it's a Tailorbird https://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/the-bird-that-stitches-its-home.html.
  11. My order from Ocooch arrived on Saturday - I'm very pleased with the quality. I sounds like you only need a small quantity of 1/32" strip. I've thinned strip down by just using a simple jig of a couple of parallel 1/32" basswood strips on a larger piece of wood and then pulling 1/16th strips though the space with a sanding stick held across the strips. Pull the strips through a few times and when sandpaper stops producing any dust, you have your 1/32" strip.
  12. I ordered some wood from Ocooch for the first time this week. Ordered March 9th, shipped March 10th, UPS are delivering tomorrow 😀.
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