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  1. It'd be a shame to have to smash it up but those things are heavy and you need a big room. If you can find someone to do it, the bed would make a whole bunch of really solid, heavy, and flat surfaces to build stuff on. I'd take one! The cutting and shipping costs might be a bit steep though. I too totally failed to guess what the metalwork was for but it was nicely done (as is the ship). And as a bonus for me, has given me an idea for temporarily supporting my ship for the next stage of my build (although mine will be wood!). Richard
  2. "May you live in interesting times". I got excited finding a 1/2 can of Lysol behind all the laundry detergent over the weekend. Your Swallow is looking good. Hopefully I'll get to see it for real when physical club meetings start up again. Richard.
  3. He must enjoy it and get great satisfaction from doing this. I enjoy making jigs and tools and I do my best to make them neat. However these are amazing and way beyond my skill level - even if I had the tools. Mine are wood with all the metal parts purchased from the local hardware or wood working store. I do like to look at the pictures and admire his work though. Richard
  4. Looking good. I hope you've been continuing the build. Richard
  5. What a great idea. I'm embarrassed it took me so long to see this thread though, I do a scan of all activity a couple of times a day. I'm working from home now so my days are still moderately full. Still I'll take that challenge! Richard.
  6. When I talk to people about how good some models can be, yours are always the ones I start with. All the best, Richard.
  7. Once you've got the quote in your reply, you can also highlight and delete any parts you don't want. Richard.
  8. My teenage daughter now refuses to eat watermelon after seeing all the blood from my cut 😕. For a time I was forbidden to cut a watermelon - it's my wife's favorite fruit, so the ban didn't last long.
  9. Dan, Such sad news. Thank you so much for all your hard work here and the pleasure it has brought us all. Peace be with you, Richard.
  10. I'd use my bench sander for that. Cut close to length using my razor saw then sand the miters. Much safer. Having said that, the Byrnes saw with sled is on my "saving up" for list. As to general safety, I've only twice needed stitches; once from using a box cutter, the other in the kitchen cutting a water melon. I've also fallen off a ladder! My total paranoia about power saws has allowed me to keep all my fingers and my hatred of heights kept my fall to about 4 feet.
  11. I been using mine for while now. It's been good to have a sander that works with small stuff. I like the stick-on sanding disks because there's no give to them. I'm using the finest grit that came with the unit (240 I think). I don't expect to use anything coarser so I won't be changing often. I did buy a cleaning stick from Amazon last week which works really well. Not surprisingly, the markings for the horizontal and vertical angles are poor. So I've used a square and made some jigs to get this right. I've been making some elm pumps out of 1/16" x 1/8" boxwood. These are each made from 6 pieces. I now need to see if I can get 8 strips for an octagonal version. Before I can do that I need to make a jig to narrow each piece to 1/16" x 3/32". I could of course make them from a single square piece and just sand the corners but where would the fun be in that 😀. I'm sure the Brynes sander is better but I'm saving up for the table saw first. Richard
  12. Roger, I was not trying to make this a price competition! I was typing this in just before you posted and Abe books is my usual book source. I'm also trying to resist getting my credit card out. Richard
  13. It does look good. Abe Books have it for around $41 with free shipping https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?cm_sp=SearchF-_-topnav-_-Results&kn=9781526757524&sts=t Richard.
  14. It is impressive. I looked through the other items in the sale (just for fun - I can't afford any of it). To be honest the item that I would buy if I could are these: A GROUP OF GREEK POTTERY VESSELS, 5TH/3RD CENTURY B.C. Estimated at 3,000 - 5,000 GBP. The diamond ring at 280,000 - 350,000 GBP is ridiculous. Obviously, I have different ideas of the value of stuff. Richard.
  15. K&J Magnetics, which is where I've purchased Neodymium magnets, gives the pull strength for each of their magnets. So for example an N52 1/8" dia, 3/8" long cylinder has a pull of just over 1lb. (3.2mm x 9.5mm, .45kg). They are amazing for their size. They even have a 4"x4"x1" block with a 580lb pull (and a price to match)! If you're in the US, I would recommend them. They have no minimum order and have a wide selection of sizes and shapes. They also have lots of fun and useful information about these magnets on the site. Richard.

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