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Foredom Belt Sander

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I posted a few pix of this in my tugboat build log but I thought it might get a few more eyes over here. The Foredom belt sander is an attachment for a flex shaft tool. I have a Foredom but it may fit on others as well. I tried it out on the tug - I had some epoxy I needed to remove from a frame. Took it off in a matter of seconds. This frame fits (or is supposed to fit) around a coaming in the deck. I'd been hand sanding these parts trying to get them to fit. Between the epoxy and a poor glue job (my fault) it needed a lot of work. Again, the sander thinned up the frame in seconds. Problem solved.






The long narrow shape would be great for getting into places a regular (or even miniature) belt sander just wouldn't go. And of course with the foot switch for speed, you've got a lot of options. I was afraid the belts would get used up quickly, but even after the rock hard epoxy it is still ready for more.


In my book, this one is a winner.


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