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Shrinking lines

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So you may have noticed I mentioned in my Harriet Lane thread that I messed up. Well, upon trying to make my fix I didn't put enough tension on the lines again when I re-glued my bowsprit. oops.  I remember in 1.0 that there was a thread talking about if you could shrink them.


I can't remember what the resulting conversation said. I believe the lines are polyester since they melt when burnt. 


I was thinking (thanks to my husband's suggestion) that I should wet the lines that need to be shrunk and put my hairdryer on hot on them.  Would that be viable?

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Hmmm...no responses yet.  Hope you hear soon.


Sounds like something you could try out off the ship though.  There are so many different compositions of lines out there I'd certainly want to experiment.  We have all sorts of heat shrinkable fabric and synthetic materials we use for airplanes.  But every one reacts differently and at different temperatures so it's essential to know how your material reacts.


Just one comment..... hair dryers usually don't get all that hot due to their intended use.  Hobby stores generally carry a 'heat gun' used for airplanes that is somewhat adjustable and provides more heat.  I'm not talking about 'industrial' guns that attain the temperature of the sun!  They go for about $15.  Just be careful because the amount of heat they provide is extemely dependent on technique.


I'll be watching this topic as I'm interested.

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