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Proxxon DB250 with three jaw chuck

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Proxxon DB250 with three jaw chuck


No longer required as I have gone to the dark side (plastic kits!), in excellent working order, complete in the box it came in with manual etc. The 3 jaw chuck was purchased later (about £30.00) and makes life so much easier. One of the two chuck keys was lost early on, but anything will serve, I used a small screwdriver.


I haven't actually costed the postal price, as I'm lazy (it'll be about a tenner - in the UK) and hoping the purchaser might want to pick it up (UK - SK17 6DU).


On Amazon currently it costs £136.00 and the chuck £41.00. Both yours for £90.00 plus postage


How can you not want it!






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What about e.g. (machine)gun barrels ? There are dozens, if not hundreds of parts that are round and will come out much crisper, when actually machined. I wouldn't be able to live without a lathe (anymore) regardless what kind of models I would build ...



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