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Niagara from Model Shipways - move by moderator


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I will give you my limited opinion. From everything I have heard Model Shipways models are an excellent way to go for new modelers especially. The instructions are excellent, and the customer service is great. They also have many free practicums you can download from them to help with some models.


As for this particular kit, I don't know the answer as I have been looking at her and thinking about her myself because the price is so good. I look forward to hearing what others have to say.

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The MS Niagara is my 1st ever wooden build- great kit and you'll definitely learn a LOT!  If you can get it for $200 or less, jump on it.  It's made for intermediate level builders, but there's a bunch you can pick up along the way to get you there if you take your time and read up on a few things here and there.  Plus, you have lots of us here to help (I know I wouldn't have made anywhere near as good progress as I have without MSW and the folks offering their assistance). 


So go buy the kit, clear off your desk, and grab your tools.  It'll be a fun yet challenging kit!!!!


Check out the Niagara build logs to see what it's like.  :)

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Hi Roger

Welcome to the Niagara Club :)

There are builds at all stages , from beginning to almost finished.

You will probably find the build logs and the other members of the "club" your best resource




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