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Greetings, Hoping to ID a Mystery Ship


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Hello All,


I've always enjoyed ships and have purchased a few display ships over the years, but I saw one that looked amazing to me, and I took my chances on it, because I think it would be neat to restore a bit. I'm sure it's not worth a ton, or that I stumbled on to some secret treasure, but for the price I paid for it, I doubt I could of gotten a smaller display ship. It's alittle over 3 feet long and about 2.5-3 feet high.


I'm curious as to what real ship, if any the model is based upon. I've googled and searched and I've came up blank. It doesn't appear to be a common one. I'm also curious, how to go about restoring the missing cannons and Lion heads on both sides of the ship (Missing about 4 cannons and 2 lion heads)


Here are some photos, It's got a lot of ornate pieces that appear to be carved wood and not plastic, and the symbol on the back best resembles a british crest with two lions?


Thank you guys for looking, and if any good resources exist for replacing the ropework as it's a bit loose (or maybe I shouldn't) -i'd love to read them.








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This looks to be a decor piece produced in SE Asia. It bears a very slight resemblance to the Swedish warship Vasa, and when I say 'slight', I mean very, very slight. Understand first that these models are mass produced with little regard to the actual form of the ship being modeled. So, for example, the rigging on the model does not conform to actual practice. A lot of ship modeling references will be of limited use in this instance, since scale modelers are generally trying to imitate actual practice. A more general guide to ship models, such as zu Monfeld's Historic Ship Models, might give you a rough idea on how to fix up the rigging. Cannons and other bits can be purchased from ship modeling supply outfits such as Model Expo or Bluejacket Shipcrafters. As to replacing the carved figures, they are obviously hand-carved, so the only way to replace them with something similar is to carve them yourself, and that's no simple task.


Good luck to you!

Chris Coyle
Greer, South Carolina

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- Tuco

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It looks like the Vasa to me, from the lions over the cannon, to the figures on the bow to the wood carving on the stern. I'm very comfortable with it being the Vasa. I guess it needs to be repainted a bit - but I can do that. It's not 100% on the body, but I see where they were trying for it.


I will certainly check out Model Expo and Bluejacket Shipcrafters.


The rigging I will look into, and well, I don't mind a little woodwork.


I'm guessing it's worth about the $30 I paid for it, if that?

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