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British Carronade by BishopHobbies - Mantua - scale 1/17

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I bought this a few months ago to go with my 1/100 Heller HMS Victory as this is a model of the carronade located on the foredeck of the Victory.  This monster fired a 68 pound shot that must have been just devastating.  The kit is all wood except the cast cannon and a few other small bits that are metal.  It went together quite easily, you will notice the white liquid in the fire bucket.  That's a water based sealer called Mod Podge; when it dries it will be clear and look like water.  I was gonna wait till it dried, but I'm bored - so I took the pictures - here they are...
















Brigantine Phoenix - Master Korabel 1/72 scale


HMS Victory - Heller/Imai 1/100 scale

Privateer Rattlesnake - Model Shipways 1/64 scale 

USS Arizona on Dec 7th 1941 - Trumpeter 1/200 scale

IJN Yamato - Nichimo 1/200 scale 

USS Silversides - Trumpeter 1/72 scale 

USS Missouri - Trumpeter 1/200 scale

English Carronade - Mantua 1/17 scale

English Gun Deck - Panart 1/23 scale


Check out my webiste:   www.bishophobbies.com

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