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Need help with running rigging for the Model Shipways Fair American

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Does anyone have a good tip or reference drawing for the running rigging for the Fair American? The rigging drawing provided is less than what is necessary for a novice or beginner builder to determine what is what. Although the drawing might be considered a good art piece, but that's about it. 


I'm about to finish all of the standing rigging and I've been looking at the plans trying to figure out the running rigging. I'm totally lost on most of the running rigging. I've been using the build logs by Rafine and Ken W. which has been tremendous help and I can probably figure most of it out looking at their build logs. I have also been using the instructions for the Syren by Model Shipways. But I was wondering if anyone has something else I could use for reference for the running rigging? 


I'm a retired Civil Engineer and know what it's like to prepare a set of drawings for construction purposes.


Anyway, any help would be appreciated.



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Hello Eddie


I am not certain if it will be helpful or if I am just adding fuel to the fire, but I always thought that the Revell Constitution rigging plans for their 1/96th scale kit were a good remedial starter for novice riggers of 17/18th century square rigged ships.



While they are not strictly for the Fair American I would think that with the plans you already have combined with the step-by-step sheets for the Constitution you should find a number of similarities between a brigantine and frigate.


Hopefully other more experienced people both with the Fair American and period rigging practices will either confirm or deny the validity of this assumption. There are a number of books on rigging as well that are certain to be more accurate and detailed, but at least with the ones I have, none of them are quite as "Simplified" in their approach as the Revell set.


Hope this is a little help at least.



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Hi Eddie, I am soon to start on my own MS Fair American Kit.  During my research on this site I opened the kit build tag and found an updated table of the rigging which I have attached.  I am sorry but I cannot remember who to give credit to for this table but it was from this MSW site forum.  I hope this helps.

Standing & Running Rigging - Brig Fair American.pdf

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