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  1. I have always been a B-17 guy but the B-24 was considered the faster of the two planes. In most other ways they were similar and the people who used them seemed to prefer them over the B-17 in most ways. I have the Osprey in my collection as well Denis. I have always liked them in spite of their early reputation and problems. We have a few around here and one thing is certain, you know it when one flies over................. They are LOUD.
  2. I missed that part Ken. Lead edge ailerons............... Apparently another concept also missed by aviation engineer's.
  3. This coming Friday It's a shame that you will have to find a replacement kit just because of that simple part. I looked on Evilbay for you and found people selling parts for this kit but not the part you were needing! Why couldn't you have lost a wing or something? By the same token it really is a fairly simple piece and should be fairly easy to make from plastic you may have around, or cast, using the other cowling flap piece as a mold master.
  4. Congratulations on getting the car, (and the bedroom) done. I wish you could come over here a do a few of my "Honey Does" as well. Have you picked out a place to display this racing marvel?
  5. The tail reminds me more of a C-47 than a B-17. The engines kind of look radial but with inline exhausts. The props that do exist seem to be two bladed. The nose looks like it almost became another engine like on a FW-190 or a Jap Zero. The humped dorsal looks kind of like a B-17 like everyone is saying, but to me it looks more like a long bubble canopy, and where did the open cockpit come from? I don't know what drugs the painter was on when doing this painting, but I think I may want some. Like I said, the sky, clouds, and ground below are very realistic for the view from an airc
  6. Beautiful build Mario Wouldn't you be able to use the rigging plans for the Model Expo Sultana? I think they sell the plans for something like $10. Just a thought.
  7. That should work out OK. I have noticed that with some of the new paints these days that in doing touch-up or small details it is virtually impossible to tell the hand painted places from the sprayed areas. I suspect that the silver you have been using will act like that. Keep your coffee intake down before the big event though.
  8. It is possible you are right and the weight you chose for the nose will be enough. Easy enough to tell. You already have enough of the model assembled to kind of do a dry fit. Add the weight and balance the plane on a pencil moving it forward or back as needed until it wants to rest nose down. That should show you if you want more weight or not. I was just sugesting the forward area of the nacelles as it is usually a fairly large empty place on models with radial engines like this. I think that on frame 16 of the plans they show using the crew ladder and aft entry door, (parts 56
  9. It easy to be optimistic, I don't have the painting hanging in MY house! It would be my luck that it would have been done by one of my kids and I would have had to treasure it like the Mona Lisa for the rest of my life! How does one get the event right, the nationality correct with even having the correct roundels in the proper locations and mess up so badly by putting them on a three engine "something" that matches nothing that ever flew?
  10. I too built this one as a kid, even though I think mine was possibly 1/72. It did not look as big in my memory as yours looks. It did have opening crew hatches at all three positions though! When I read the history on it in the instructions I had to go out and read everything I could about the plane. This was long before the day of internet research and I spent a lot of time in the library.
  11. All is not lost, it has some very picturesque renditions of clouds and the landscape below!
  12. Yes I have heard that he misses some things even though all of the plans I have gotten from him seem meticulously detailed. But I am no authority on most of them as the only ship of the group I am referring to that I have personally researched in great detail is the Houston and there is very little available on her in the 1941/2 configuration/color. I would love to get a 1/350 HMAS Perth as a companion build, but that is even harder than getting the Houston, it would have to be scratch built!
  13. Great work Mike. They are really turning out nicely, and are showing the results of all the extra effort. Looking forward to more.
  14. It looks like there is going to be more Micro Master in this build than there will be Trumpeter! Are those Profile Morskie plans? I have his plans for the Exeter and almost all of the ABDA ships of 1941, and along with the books he has, are very nice.
  15. You are doing what looks like a fantastic job from where I'm sitting Chris. if you are interested in competing your 1/600 set here are a couple of possibilities, one is pretty expensive, (aren't they almost always!) and the other would need a bunch of retro reworking with brake fluid or something to strip the paint and try and start over. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airfix-SS-Canberra-1-600-scale-model-ship-kit-05201-Sealed-box/124307291105?hash=item1cf14abbe1:g:Zz8AAOSwBNRfP8gQ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airfix-600-scale-free-enterprise-11-series-2-f201s-nearly-bui
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