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  1. I think this may be the first time I have been able to follow anyone trying to do the superstructure camouflage stripes MadMan. VERY impressive!
  2. How could you think you are crowding the thread when so many of us are enjoying and admiring your fantastic work. Keep the pictures coming. We will let you know when you can stop.
  3. I think that happened to ALL of my Estes rockets that survived more than one launch! If they flew right and went high and the chute deployed then they drifted out of the area where I was allowed to go. I think that was why i finally had to give it up. Too much cost, all building, (Fun) and very little flying, (Fun when it went right) and only a small flying area that was close enough to home.
  4. It looks like the Mystic Seaport Sloop rigged Emma C. Berry is also capable of being made into an RC sailing model. But this may be what you may have in mind as well
  5. Hello Pete Sorry to see you completely abandoning your build. Before you throw all of your hard work into the bin could I make a couple of comments? Your overly solid hull work that you have accomplished so far would make a very nice mold when finished out that you could use to cast a really light fiberglass one piece hull. There is no need to use it as the actual hull for the finished boat. What Keith and others say about cubed hull, (Length, width, depth) and squared sail area, (Height and width) are very true and you seem to understand that in all probability you will need to "cheat" with as much of the weight as possible being placed into a bulb below the true keel. In addition I would like to add that the further down below the waterline this weight is the more stable and the less weight you will need. Of course the longer the keel is in depth the more drag you will have as a rule. This is where you would have to try a design that has as little drag as possible. The things in your favor in this is that the materials available to you are very strong for their needed dimensions and can be made much thinner than on a real ship. Also be aware that you do not want to make the ship too "stiff" either, while still remembering that the winds you will probably be sailing in will not be scale some of the times. Scale sailing ships, both square rigged and fore-and-aft rigged HAVE been done and in many cases, other than being MUCH faster than expected are fairly good sailing ships even though not as good as "Model" ships designed without the need of scale. One kit that comes to mind that has been done over and over again over a number of years is the old Sterling Emma C. Berry. This is the older 50 something inch Schooner rigged version and was designed from the beginning as an RC sailing model. I have seen Two of them sail over the years and they are spectacular to watch and always draw a crowd even when other model sailboats are present. If you did decide to start over with a proven design you might look at the old Emma C. Berry. I have no idea where you may find one as they are long out of production, but possibly you could find a set of plans and scratch build. You have already shown that you have the skills for this. Good luck in what ever way you decide to go.
  6. You don't expect your multi hundred dollar investment in a box of sticks to include anything more than just that do you? Been following along and you are doing just fine, one could even say better than many, including myself.
  7. I used to do that. But now days I only seem to be getting calls for casket design modeling for some reason. 🙄
  8. I agree. Looks like it will be quite the house when you are finished. I posted a picture from my window the other day a few entries above. What a difference a few days makes: This was one of the smaller migrations today on a much cooler blustery day where I live. It looks like the geese are in their annual "Fly away home" Mode with all of the attendant sounds, on my morning dog walk. He is only a little over a year old and has never seen this happen and was enthralled.
  9. So are you going to modify the kit to reflect the actual launchpad?
  10. No Just an admirer of fine modeling skills. I am afraid I would be greedy and keep them in a very visible place where I could admire them on a daily basis.
  11. There is/was. It came in red, yellow, and gray plastic. I built it for my father-in-law as a Shell rig when he retired from Shell many years ago. I have no idea where it went when he died but I am pretty sure it is long gone now. I would bet that if they reissued it today with added PE for much of the structure it would be a killer model. But the same could be said of this model too. PE for the more delicate parts would make it really pop, no matter what the vintage.
  12. Hi Joe You are more than welcome to display them in my museum! Fantastic work.
  13. Kind of reminds me of the old 1/200 Revell Esso North Cormorant off Shore Platform Kit. Should be interesting.
  14. No, just looked at the sample pictures on the advert. But what I was able to read made me think it could be funny reading. I just may get it. But on the other hand it looks like they have a lot more books out there that they do not advertise all that well, like the B-17 book. Maybe they have something I have been looking for. Their prices aren't too outrageous.
  15. Or one of those animatronic dolls they sell these days. It Can't, but on page 19 they list it as "Marriage basically lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life"

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