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  1. I have used it a number of times on my Huey build and it has been almost perfect with no loss of surrounding detail.
  2. I have used it a number of times on my Huey build and it has been almost perfect with no loss of surrounding detail.
  3. Looks like fun Doing spin outs and catching air in a 45 ton tank has to be a unique experience. It is interesting that they only shoot from a stationary position though. I think that US and some of the other allied tanks all are able to shoot while on the move. Also I am surprised on the use of two part ammo and what appears to be a slow rate of fire. Still looks like fun though.
  4. I have not watched the movie you describe but don't totally disregard the stories about the T-34 tank. The Germans regarded it as the best tank of WWII. Another movie, that you can actually watch on uTube is "Tankers" Also Russian made and at first glance seems to be pure propaganda. Until you look up the story of Zinoviy Kolobanov in the Battle Of Leningrad and the record of the KV-1 tank in general. Then the movie is no more far fetched than many Hollywierd "documentaries" and possibly more accurate than some of them.
  5. Speaking as an old time RC builder, with a lot of glassed hulls under my belt, they all have to go through the Ugly Duckling stage before the swan emerges. (Don't let too many people see that mask. They will accuse you of hording and not turning it over to the hospitals!)
  6. WOW Lou I have no idea if they are out of scale or not. But I do know what the 1/35th pilot harnesses look like on my Huey. They are small, so yours must be TINY. You did a fantastic job in my opinion, such as it is. My hat is off to you.
  7. Click on above for a couple of more.
  8. AFTER they take their cut.
  9. You can pretty much bet it will be. My two won't be going anywhere if you do end up being interested.
  10. Sorry Jack I was referring to Egilman's comment that he had a collection of 1/35 and 32 scale choppers in his collection/stash, but no Huey's or Kiowa's.
  11. This is going to be a great addition Yves. I have a question though. In US subs it was the practice to replace the used fuel space with sea water in order to maintain almost the same total displacement as the fuel was used up on patrol. Was this also done in U-Boats? If so then there would probably be seawater on the bottom of the tank and fuel floating on it. I would think they would be different colors.
  12. I am finding out that there is plenty of tiny stuff at 1/35th also. My pilots on my Huey have TONS of tiny stuff that has been a challenge for me to deal with!! Also mmany of my still to be built aftermarket stuff is looking pretty small and delicate as well. If you are thinking of adding a 1/35th Huey to your collection I have an unopened Dragon kit that I bought when I thought I had wrecked my present build, I also have the old Revell 1/32 kit but I can't remember if it is still wrapped. But at this point I think I would recommend waiting for the release of the 1/35 Kitty Hawk kit. Not many details on it yet and of course it is already over due for release but if it is like their 1/48th scale Huey in detail and assembly method, it may be well worth the wait.
  13. Where did you find my drivers license picture Jack? If I was to build this kind of model that would be my choice. I much prefer the larger scale.
  14. Oh well, We still know that the others exist so I doubt you will be able to get away with it for long. BUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTT as a certified roterhead I can still look forward to this build and forgive you just a little. This time.

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