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  1. Never mind, I looked it up and the difference is the 3L air tank. I suppose that it what the "T" stands for.
  2. Did you compare it with the standard TC-40 from Walmart? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Master-Airbrush-Cool-Runner-Professional-High-Performance-Air-Compressor-TC-40/49790573?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=1250 If so, do you know what the T model has that the standard TC-40 does not? Also do you know how quiet it is and if it runs continuously when spraying yet? So far my little brick compressor has kept up with my limited abilities but I have thought a couple of times that upgrading to a real compressor was something I might want to do.
  3. As long as you only urinate on the bushes and clean up your poop I suppose it is OK.
  4. Impressive work for any time period. It would be interesting to not only see the insides but to know of the history behind it.
  5. I usually take my dog for his walk................ I don't do it for him.
  6. There is this one as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7pheKy5apk
  7. Yeah Me too! Just goes to show that it may not always be a good idea to listen to your wife. (Rare but possible)
  8. Had to follow each link one at a time but I can't believe how crisp everything is even in super zoom. Makes me feel like I'm walking the 5.9" gundeck while they are being installed. Very clean and crisp work. Looking forward to even more.
  9. They must be students of Wile Es ACME school of Coyoteing! An all this time I thought he was in Arizona somewhere.
  10. I didn't say that there was no effort on historical preservation. At least not these days. Probably when they were first sold by McLaren to other racers they did what they needed to do to keep them legal and competitive with little thought for history, but eventually they were sold into the hands of collectors and amateur classic racers. By that time they were beginning to go up in value again. These people went about restoring the car back to one of it's original configurations probably documenting the whole process and establishing how much of the present car was still original b
  11. We have something in common other than this forum and love of ships Mark. My daughter-in-law was the reason I was able to get my shots as well. This state is pretty much in chaos and totally lost when it comes to shots. I don't even think they have covered 50% of the recognized seniors yet and the vaccine has been out for months now! There was another story today where a senior couple had to drive hundreds of miles across the state to get a shot. There seems to be no cohesive leadership on this effort at all.
  12. The only problem with that is almost all we have to go with today is pictures like you posted of the RESTORED surviving cars. A lot has been done to most of them to return them to racing condition for running in a number of historical events each year but in many ways they have also been restored as show cars with a little extra attention to the bling factor here and there. They are also limited to the look of the parts still available. This is most often seen in the tires they have to run. Here is another modern picture of a M8D
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