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  1. lmagna


    Been there, done that. Our present cat does exactly that with our youngest child, (14) on most nights, about three inches away from his face. Neither one of them seem bothered by it. The cat gets all of the bad breath, and the kid gets cat hair! The cat will raise her head when I come in at night to check before going to bed myself, but never shows any inclination to move to a different location.
  2. Some of the details I see are amazing and I have to keep reminding myself that this is 1/700 scale NOT 1/200!
  3. Yesterday I received the book "The Sloops of the Hudson River" by Paul Fontenoy. At first glance it appears that it is an excellent book for fans of these sloops or anyone wanting to model one, especially if their choice is one of the more refined designs in the early or mid 19th century. It has 16 foldout pages of plans and diagrams of various sloops with many of them containing enough information to allow the building of a model. It appears that a fairly large portion of the book is devoted just to the Experiment. If you don't already have it you might want to find a copy. It wa
  4. You are only on your first!!!!!!!!!!! I have had to already mow twice and it is already too long again! I should do it today but it's raining. At least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it! Nice looking work on the hull. Just as a note or two. I doubt hat very many PT boats ever saw and form of a drydock. If they got to that condition they were probably just stripped for parts and scrapped. Also I believe the under hull metal parts were bronze and left unpainted like the props.
  5. lmagna


    My cat at six years old weighs seven pounds, my dog at four years old weighs about 18! They both like to lay on laps. Guess which one's paws make more of a dent? But at night the dog is content to lay NEXT to one or the other of us. But the cat insists on WALKING ON at least one or the other and finding a place where she can lay down ON you and go back to sleep!
  6. lmagna


    I think they may all be of the "THUD" breed!
  7. Rope making is a new venue for me and to be honest I have never done it but your efforts look just fine to this untrained eye. If these are your rejects then I am pretty certain that I could find them a home!
  8. Nice choice in the color. If you ever RC her then Rustoleum is a tuff paint that will hold up pretty well. I have used it in several RC boats over the years.
  9. Another plane that could have influenced the F-82 was the BF109Z COG has made a pretty interesting version of this plane.
  10. Those are some pretty nice models Victor. I also am impressed that you were able to build even one while doing your residency. My oldest son didn't even seem to have to say hello to his wife during his Radiology residency and I think the only thing he had to show for it afterward were some of his first gray hairs. My wife just reminded me when I retired and started staying at home much more that if I became too irritating that everything she had is hers and everything I had was hers!
  11. lmagna


    He looks like he has found the perfect place to monitor where you are browsing. kind of the same as some cats do when they insist on laying on any papers or books that you have open in front of you. Just his way of making certain you are only looking at cat approved sites!
  12. I may have to look into that. The book was fun and I like Peter Sellers, so it sounds like a win win situation.
  13. The only problem about what we tell our wives the cost of a model is verses what the actual cost was, is that if we die first she will probably sell the kit, which has hopefully become rare and even more valuable, for what we said we paid! It really bothers me to think someone will get that kind of deal when I had to spend so much to get it in the first place!
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