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  1. Brings a whole new meaning to the weather being poopy, (or the more commonly used "S" word)
  2. Take care and get well Jack. Hope it does not interfere too much with the holidays.
  3. Lt./Captain Bradley Pitt has a strong family resemblance to Tom Selleck in my opinion.
  4. Like moving to an area that has clean air to begin with! Probably somewhere north of the Arctic Circle!
  5. Thanks OC. I need you to come over and do all of my dirty dishes though. Food was too much, family was OK, and cleanup will probably take days! I think we used every dish and tableware we owned in the house!
  6. Great work Denis As always I really enjoyed this build and again it will be sad to see it go. I fully expect though, that as soon as your turkey dinner is partly digested you have started your next project and have pictures to prove it. With superior skill comes greater responsibility, (to your followers) to keep us entertained with whatever you are building. Have a good buzzard day!
  7. LOVE this photo! If the rest of the railings were in it would look like the real ship!
  8. Odd scale or not it is clear you are getting your monies worth out of this kit Denis. She is really turning out to be an impressive build. Like all your builds I'm always looking forward to the next installment.
  9. Did you scold your mother for giving birth so close to Christmas, and forcing you to share the two days? My oldest grandson has the same problem, except his is December 21st. Congratulations. May you have many more 70ths yet to come and much more reading enjoyment.
  10. He will have to stand in line. The torment season in my house has already started. Getting everything just so for the annual holiday visit by the kids is in full swing. Cleaning eating areas, (Meaning the elimination of any model working areas) shampoo the carpets, Clean up my reading/research area, etc etc etc. There are four people in this house, you would think that the other people would have to at least stash their activities for the season too.
  11. The news talking heads are already lined up on the dark roads with their coats gathered up around their ears forecasting gloom and doom and the sky is going to fall! They are now showing that everyone should be carrying a folding shovel in their car and blankets/rations just in case. That probably means we will have a dusting in the morning that will be gone by 10am!
  12. With all of the research you have done on this build you will possibly be one of the most knowledgeable U-Boat experts anywhere. I had no idea that the details you are showing were even available outside of some kind of research facility! Thanks for sharing these bits and pieces along with your excellent model build.
  13. Nice to know that I can get it right at least once. Could you do me a favor and drop my wife a note? I am pretty sure she will decide I paid you for the endorsement but who knows?
  14. The only problem with that is that Mark lives about 350 km (+-) from me while he practically lives in David's back yard. Plenty of room there now that the boat is gone.

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