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  1. My feelings exactly. Mostly coffee, tea, juice now and then if I think of it and water occasionally. I find my way to a mixed drink every few months or so but place almost all beers in the same category as diet anything for some reason. We have a chain restaurant out here called "The Blazing Onion". Expensive but good! Only problem is that it is also noisy. At least it was before Covid. Haven't been out for a while I'm afraid. For home I am like Jack. Juicy burger with plenty of onion, mushrooms, and green stuff. You can keep the katsup and tomato but I do like a number of different kinds of cheese so long as it is not the "American" processed stuff.
  2. Nice comfortable study. I wish I had that much space to have my books out. It is missing a ship on the wall somewhere though.
  3. Can you imagine what the muzzle blast from four 8" guns would do to an exposed fabric covered aircraft from that close?😞 Greg Do you know what the function is for the two smaller derricks on each side of the catapult? It seems like they are positioned over two rectangular hatches, but are they also for some aircraft handling duty?
  4. Interesting design. You cannot fully use the main forward battery while launching, retrieving, or handling the aircraft. I wonder who's bright idea that was?
  5. It's Wendy's boyfriend! (Sorry to those of you outside of the US. It's another burger chain.)
  6. You misunderstood the qualifier Jack, "American"! Other countries have higher standards applied to the term! Actually I am waiting for dinner right now and their menu is kind of looking pretty good.
  7. I have the predecessor to one of their kits, the USS Houston. Like a number of their other kits it was originally manufactured by Blue Water Navy and taken over when BWN went out of business. Mine is the BWN vintage. I have not built it but have purchased additional items much as one would for any plastic model. What is included in the kit seems to fit nicely when test fitting. I think it will make as good of a model as the Trumpeter USS Indianapolis, and with the PE and 3D stuff I bought even better. All of course depending on the skill of the builder, (me). In some cases their selection is the only game in town if like me, you are really interested in certain ships outside of the constant reissue remake stuff.
  8. Can't remember if it was posted here before or not but possibly worth repeating
  9. No, farts are just a biological defense to establish proper social distancing.
  10. Glad to see that Covid didn't alter your plans for this year Sam. Looking forward to following your summer progress.
  11. Now you have truly burst my bubble. I was thinking you were my Superman and it turns out you were just doing your David Copperfield impression!
  12. Nice work Per Those things are almost impossible to get built let alone make them look right! It seems you did both in 47 seconds!
  13. Great progress Joshua This looks like it is going to be a very impressive build.
  14. You can tell it is an Italian plane by the chains on the props. (Told to me along with a number of other derogatory Italian jokes by my second generation Italian father when I was young.)

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