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  1. Nice to see you making a little progress on your beautiful Providence Ken. Always enjoyable seeing her.
  2. The figures, just like the gun look great. I do get a little nervous with all of those apparently live rounds just laying around though.
  3. She would certainly be easy to find in a parking lot, or a sky full of planes! Nice work of yet another rarely known or modeled subject. I think there is little doubt that this one is NOT a captured Allied plane being used by the Germans!
  4. Luckily just for him. I have come to rather enjoy watching OTHERS build these torture machines. Only causes me slight eye strain and hand shaking!
  5. You did a very nice job on this kit, and yes it does make a very nice looking and reasonably powerful RC model yet is still maneuverable because of the twin screws. Bring your buddy to get it into the water though. It does weigh a bit!
  6. Nice start Craig. Trying to punish yourself by starting another 1/700 so soon?
  7. Nicely finished Craig Hope (He?) gets a place of honor in the model yard. It deserves it. Obviously a challenging build, and not just because of the scale.
  8. Well made Elijah But as you know this is only the start. I have seen a couple of the boats made there for sale in Port Townsend over the years and if they are an example then you have some treats coming in the next year or two. Beautiful work in Cedar and Oak, along with other woods that I do not know as well. Are you doing full time or just taking classes?
  9. That last picture is probably one you would NOT want to see while looking through your binoculars! Nice work
  10. Need to read through the Geneva Convention rules on that one. Were probably illegal but land mines were not. Nice looking build.
  11. An unplanned family is always more interesting than than the one we planned. Ask me how I know! Congratulations on the new hard earned addition. I am pretty certain that she will return the favor many times in the years to come.
  12. Dozen' t that make it hard to keep the Bourbon in the glass that is so needed when working with Infiniti PE? Great work.
  13. Really nice seeing you make some progress on your Hannah Mike. She is already showing that she will be an impressive little ship in your hands.
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