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  1. Interesting, it looks just like picture #17 in post #3 without the yellow sunset looking color. Even has the black spots.
  2. Just learned something new. I always thought that the Kawanishi was a much larger aircraft, along the size of the Boeing 314. But seeing it beside the Cat in the same scale it does not seem that much larger.
  3. lmagna


    Isn't it funny how cats always take up any space that is available? Curled up in a bowl or stretched out on the floor taking up all of the available sunlight coming through the window or heat from the furnace.
  4. Don't be too sure. I think I did it at least a dozen times with both my own builds and when helping others build their RC boats in my active RC years and each time it ended up being stinky, messy, and needed a lot of sanding to get the finished hull looking right. They held up though. I just took down about six of my old ships with the thought of restoring one of them after 25+ years and getting back into the hobby. Ended up going another route but I was amazed at how well they have fared over the years. Your hull is looking pretty nice, and it is still early yet.
  5. The further you get with the candy cane plane the more I wonder about what was going through the minds of the crews that had to paint one of these aircraft. I wonder if they had some fun doing it as it was a deviation from the everyday OD and gray of their normal everyday world. It reminds me of when I returned to the US from overseas. I arrived in Oakland CA. at night and they kept us until the next morning. When we walked out the front door to walk to the bus station we were hit not only with the morning sun, but with a burst of color that was shocking at first. People wearing clothing of every imaginable color, cars of different colors, signs on buildings that had bright images and wording. Even the ground was assorted grays and blacks with yellow and white stripes. I wonder if those guys were struck the same way and overwhelmed with all of the color, or if they were just shocked at the "wrongness" of a B-24 in those colors? Great job in what is appearing to be a harder than anticipated build.
  6. Even though you say that you are not completely finished yet it is clear you have created a fine model of the hardest RC ship classification, the submarine. I recently became re-involved with my old local RC boat club and at the last fun float another old member who has not been all that active for years showed up with two subs that he was trying out for the first time. By the time we left he was saying that he should have added wheels to the bottom of the boats as our local pond is so shallow he spent much of the time skidding along under the water!😭 Hopefully you have deeper water to run in and will have no need for wheels!
  7. Welcome back Ken. I missed your progress reports, and getting to see your fabulous model. Now get to work!
  8. I have heard of leaving your mark on a build Roger but aren't you starting a little early? No really, nice recovery. I have found that when I have spilled the thin glue onto a visible surface area that if I do not touch it and just let it dry that the etched surface covers nicely when painted. Yours should look fine after your work on it. Are you going to take a year on the Bismarck as well?
  9. I continue to be both amazed and frightened when I watch and see what you are able to accomplish HG. Amazed with the results and frightened on how little I know about creating the files that make it all possible. I want to be able to do that same thing at some point in my life but fear that I never will get even close to that level. I don't think it will ever get to that stage Dan. The pushing of the button part is just one of the more minor steps in creating these models. For wood we have already accepted the use of a laser cutter instead of a saw and for that matter the use of power tools in general both manually and computer operated to make models of all kinds including wood.
  10. They are most commonly called Bridge Wings and are used when docking and other maneuvers where the Captain might want to see down the entire length of the ship. In your case, if you somehow knock one or the other off, they can be glued in the more normal stowed position along side the bridge instead of sticking out.
  11. The added length also was one of the factors that allowed for the extra speed. In virtually all cases the Japanese destroyers were faster than their American counterparts, but in the case of the Shimakaze, she was possibly the fastest Destroyer in the world at the time. And the most heavily armed, at least in torpedoes. Luckily for the allies I suppose there was only the one built. It is interesting that with all of her firepower, (Read Torpedoes) and speed she was mostly relegated to convoy type duties and never really used in line of battle type engagements like so many of her slower, more lightly armed sisters that caused so many losses to Allied cruisers with their Long Lance torpedoes.
  12. Even at 1/350 the Cat is a nice looking aircraft. Quite capable for it's day. Your renditions capture it as well. Your pictures could be "Blackcats". Planes that mostly just flew night missions. Fairly common in the Solomon's and Guadalcanal. Not so certain about the early months in the Pacific.
  13. I doubt that the pilot and observer would agree! Somehow I don't think that if they were trying to take off that they ever made it.
  14. Nice to see it coming back together Alan. Now you need to test it like this guy did on his 3D tug build: He does two tests in the video. One @2:38 and the other @5:39 He also has some fun with it in part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50CKuTlSi80
  15. Looking forward to your opinion. Most times the slower the cure time the better the bond. I think it is because the epoxy has a longer time to flow into the bonding area and also sets to a little more flexible bond. Could be wrong though. It's been known to happen.
  16. Has anyone looking in on this build tried JB Weld, https://www.amazon.com/J-B-Weld-8265S-Cold-Weld-Reinforced/dp/B0006O1ICE/ref=asc_df_B0006O1ICE/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=198093606370&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=16722993280447711505&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9060507&hvtargid=pla-320192516391&psc=1 As a possibly stronger epoxy?
  17. My mistake then. I was under the opinion that they were a little scarce in the western and south Pacific at that point in time. But photos don't usually lie.
  18. Great progress Greg. Planes, guns, boats, and at last PEOPLE! I do have one question though. Did you find some reference that the Langley carried any Kingfishers before she was sunk? They were very hard to come by in 1940 and 41. I know that there were several squadrons of SOC Seagull aircraft assigned to the Asiatic fleet along with the Catalina's at the opening of WWII. and of course the cruisers were still using them but I thought that the only ships and units that had Kingfishers were training units and battleships at that point. My favorite flying boat: ........Well possibly:''''''' But that would be the wrong time wrong place as well. As always your build is becoming a work of art.
  19. I got their flyer as well. With their new lady specializing in Bofors mounts it looks like they are looking to put a big dent in the PE world.
  20. https://www.hobbylobby.com/Art-Supplies/Painting-Supplies/Palettes-Tools/Krylon-Gesso-Spray/p/3344?gclid=CjwKCAjwhOyJBhA4EiwAEcJdcfaMr1OUGkCjYI8MgoElZM-ZUGFmGJrWnoFsI0ZOGTPPXyCSX1H9GhoCaF0QAvD_BwE Problem is that it is almost as expensive as the spray gun if you use much of it.😞
  21. Something like this: https://www.harborfreight.com/20-oz-hvlp-gravity-feed-air-spray-gun-62300.html Should get the job done if you thinned the Gesso up and made sure you got it good and clean each time.
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