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I am looking at lines on a half-breadth plan (dunbrody) and am trying to figure out the line diagrams. On the half breath plan the outer lines on the two halves seem to be different. I know one side shows the curvature of the water lines and the other are the diagonals but I am wondering what the outermost curves on each side represent. I am guessing the waterlines side outer curve represents bottom of top rail (or topgallant rail? This ship has one). Any help would be appreciated.


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Dropping perpendiculars from the half breadth plan to the sheer plan identifies the darkest lines as the rail line, as you surmised.   A few waterlines run outside this line because of the slight tumblehome.  The diagonals generally run wider.  The confusion at the bow seems (to me) to be the result of careless drawing.  I'm not sure about the confusion at the stern.  At least, this is my less than expert take on things.



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Thanks Wayne. There seem to be many instances where lines projected between different views do not land where they should. port and starboard lines do not even match when mirrored. The reason for my question was because the mirrored dimensions are so different. Colin Mudie (from what I have read) was a respected designer, although I am not sure if he actually drafted these plans. The copies I received from seaways do not seem to come from an original as there are many misalignments and have shrink about 10% from the 1:48 stated scale. I have fixed the scale as this was easy, but now I basically will have to redraw to correct the projections between the different views.

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