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New to wooden ship modeling


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I' am new to model wooden ship building not to plastic modeling. What brought me here is about 4yrs ago some gave me wooden model kit arteSania king of mississippi river boat I think it'1/80 or 1/50 don' remember and buried in my stash. I thought might build I need alot of education first. Someone told me this is a place to.


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Welcome. I've been at it for 5 years now and I'm still new.

Norwegian Sailing Pram 1:12 Scale. 2nd boat in the learning series.



In Dry Dock:

Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack. 1:24 scale. Model Shipways, 3rd in the learning series.

Not sure what'll be next, probably the Santa Maria by Artesania Latina 1:65 scale. Unless someone has a better suggestion for a beginner.

Pride of Baltimore. Model Shipways. Clipper used in the war of 1812.

Black Falcon. Mantua Model. 18 century corsair brig.

CSS. Alabama. E. Manolie? Can't read the font. Build in Liverpool in 1862 for use in the American Civil War by the Confederates. Steam and sail, sloop of war.


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