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  1. Beautiful work Rusty. This is next up on my list. Question if your hull bottom is white wouldn’t the horse shoe and bow tie fittings also be white?
  2. Simply beautiful Chuck. Hope I don’t muck it all up. Is the wash cant under the lower cheek and hair bracket?
  3. I make sure it is bent too form and dry fits well THEN I carefully use CA in about three inch segments of the plank.
  4. It must be the website as mine did the exact same thing yesterday. So I did not post.
  5. All I use is tweezers, strong light and magnifying glasses
  6. My only issue has been the occasional launching of stock into the wall at Mach 9.
  7. Bremerton WA : Naval Museum, Keyport (Torpedo Town USA) , Undersea Museum nuff said
  8. The Domanoff Server has a Mouse jig. Check out his website.
  9. Yes, I wrote Technical Documentation for Torpedo Maintenance. The Technical Manual would have in depth procedures whilst the checklist would be abbreviated. Example the technical manual would explain that part 15a should be installed in bulkhead 15 after removing char and test fitting. It would explain any placement processes. The checklist would say: Install 15a (para 3.1) . Using a checklist means steps don’t get missed in the verbiage.
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