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  1. I build the majority of my own cases as I like the look of the wood frame surrounding the model. I have also started adding water features and I am working my way through those trials and tribulations. On occasions when I want a quality Acrylic only case I go to www.casesforcollectibles.com. Here are a few photos of my cases upside down of course. The one with the Longboat is a Casesforcollectibles case. I used their MDF base and veneered it. The ‘well’ you see is how I get the ship down to the water line then it is through bolted through the well and the keel. Not going anywhere so it is a travel and display case. One went from WA to the whaling museum on Maui with zero damage.
  2. If it were me I would fill, sand, prime again. It looks good now and will look even better when painted.
  3. Looks like it .is pushed back a 32nd or so. Might cause a slight dip in planking. Add a shim and sand easy peasy fix
  4. The only deck beams glued in are above the bulkheads all the rest are temporarily inserted. Still having photo rotation issues with various photos trying to figure it out.
  5. My Winnie will be a tiny little bit different then others. I just did not like the look of the Captains cabin walls so I built my own and painted them white. This made the cabin a tad bit narrower so without doing a lot of trimming on the doors it could not fit four doors. Went with three and a filler. Looks fine. Not historically or Chuck accurate but nobody will know except this little group. Also added a ship’s cat, the Admiral loves it.
  6. Been busy busy working on a display for the whaling museum in Lahaina Maui . A buddy of mine built the Charles W Morgan and asked me to build the case. The trick with this case was it had to (1) be used for transport without damage to the model, (2) be the model display case with no modification after shipment and (3) have a water feature. It all worked…go figure. Anyway after this project I got back to work on my Winnie.
  7. Chuck I’ll post some photos in the next couple of days. I usually download the plans from the Syren site. Never think about checking on MSW. Daaaa. On the gun port covers you did not have a line for opening but I was planning on adding it. Would a cleat be added above or on the side of the gun port to secure.
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