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  1. I use a clothes steamer. Need to cut a Shaper jig out of wood. No clue why the top photo rotated 180.
  2. I feel your pain. I have sanded one side of the deadeye and then squeezed it into the stroup using needle nose pliers. PITA. So now I just use black wire and make my own. MUCH less frustrating. Good luck.
  3. I don’t believe using a number 2 pencil on your existing deck would give the results you want.
  4. I would use it as a guide and apply thin planking over it. That way you could get a more realistic butt pattern and highlight the edges of the planks with a number 2 pencil to simulate caulking.
  5. I use this from MicroMark. Great little sander, easier to control then Dremil, flat surface not round.
  6. Try Chuck’s tissue in the printer method for your flag. Works well and looks great. This is one awesome piece of modeling prowess.
  7. Boxwood plus Ebony Wood dye (black) will give desired results with less costs and headaches.
  8. Happy 70th!! Have a great day 🙂 

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