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  1. Think Veneered MDF might work? I usually make the base from plywood for stability. Maybe just provide the larger carvings I know I would definitely take advantage of that.
  2. Apply a little heat with a heat gun and pull it out.
  3. You could get a tight fitting mast coat, secure it to the upper deck and then hold in place with shrouds.
  4. If you are talking about the figure head that is hand painted. It is Chuck’s resin version. I also have a boxwood one but like the painted one more. If you are talking about the cheeks and brackets those are all available in Chapter five.
  5. Your brass rod idea is spot on. See photo. Then once the yard is secured you can attach with trusses or parrel lines. I have no idea why this loads photos upside down every time. Most annoying.
  6. Chuck Have you thought out the upper decks yet? I remember a conversation about their construction but can’t find it. Would it be possible to have open visible framing on half and completely planked on the other half?
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