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New Builder Kit Recommendation

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I am seeking advice on a good kit for a new ship builder. Here is what I'm looking for:


  • Wood ship kit.
  • Not solid hull. Prefer POB or POF.
  • Age of Sails ship.
  • Have all aspects of ship building so I can learn. (Planking, Masts, Rigging, Ratlines, Etc)
  • Challenging yet not to the point of giving up.
  • Large enough size to be easier to work with.
  • Prefer war ships but open to anything.
  • Excellent Instructions!!!
  • Solid manufacturer, good reputation, good materials.
  • Price: up to $500
  • Not concerned with historical accuracy on this model, concerned with learning techniques.


I am from Nebraska so I have very little knowledge of ships and lingo. I have built one 1/196 USS Constitution kit by Revel (Plastic). It solidified my interest in ship models.

I have a reasonable amount of tools and willing to acquire more as necessary, I like having the right tools for the job, but not looking to by expensive power tools at this point. My goal is to at some point gain enough knowledge and experience to work my way up to scratch building.


Any thoughts, tips, advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Lots of good kits available that meet your criteria but I would recommend that you go with one that is not to complicated as a first build.  Model Shipways "Armed Virginia Sloop" might be one you would be interested in.  Instructions are excellent and it builds into a very nice model.  Here is a picture from the Model-Expo website of the finished model.


My advice and comments are always worth what you paid for them.

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