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  1. Having gone through the trials and tribulations of tapering these small wood strips, I made the decision to plank the remainder of the Deck straight on. It looks good this way as well and after all the deck structures are added all your hard work on the tapering is hidden.
  2. My first foray back to modeling was with the 1/96 scale USS Constitution by Revell. While I have moved to wooden models now I enjoyed this build and learned much from it. It also interested me in learning more about the ship. I grew up just north of Boston and visited the Constitution many times during school field trips but never really got into the history. This book does a nice job of setting the stage of how and why the Constitution and it’s sister ships, the President and United States came to be built by the Congress, it’s role in the War of 1812. The three major engagements the Constitution went fought during this conflict are reviewed as well. The book also details many of the non war missions the Constitution was sent on as well as the several efforts of citizens to fund and save it from destruction. If this topic interests you I recommend it.
  3. I have added the two jib sails and related rigging. The Rainbow is completed. I may add some rope coils in the future. Not sure yet. It was a fun build and interesting to learn about the ships history.
  4. I thought I would also add a brief write up of the Rainbow and it’s rebuilt version the Rainbow JH2. The write up is courtesy of the J Class Association. On May the 15th 1934, the William Starling Burgess Design J Class Rainbow was launched at the Herreshoff Yard in Bristol, Rhode Island, USA. She was built to defend the America’s Cup against “Endeavour” in 1934. The first 2 races were tough for Rainbow but the last 4 races she beat the Challenger Endeavour. Owner Vanderbilt laid Rainbow up in a dry dock and then refitted her. In 1937 she was sold to Chandler Hovey and contended for Defence of the Cup. Sadly for her, Ranger won and became the new defender for the next Cup. In 1940 Rainbow was sold for scrap. YACHT REBUILD Dykstra Naval Architects were chosen to give Rainbow a new life. A repeat client, the former owner of Windrose of Amsterdam, showed his trust in the Dykstra team to be the Naval Architects and designers for this new J Class yacht. The 46 meter schooner Windrose of Amsterdam set the Trans Atlantic schooner record at 10.5 days in 2005, the previous record of 12 days was set by Charley Barr with Atlantic in 1905. The 40 metre J Class Rainbow is built in aluminum and designed according to the JCA (J Class Association) maximum performance rules. She launched in 2012. After 78 years the famous J Class yacht ‘Rainbow’ sails again. This replica of the America’s Cup winner from 1934 was built by Holland Jachtbouw in Zaandam. Rainbow was designed by Starling Burgess in 1933 and re-designed by Dykstra Naval Architects. She sails under the number JH-2. Since her launch, Rainbow has won multiple awards, including Sailing Yacht of the Year (39m+) at the Superyacht Awards and the European Spirit of Tradition class at the inaugural 2013 Classic Boat Awards.
  5. Thanks! I added the spanker sail and related working rigging. Still need to adjust the sail a bit. Next up is the front two sails and their related rigging.
  6. I made some good progress this past weekend. I painted and polyed the mast, added the rails and deck structures and prepared most of the blocks. Working with 2mm blocks is a challenge. Slow and steady though. I also added some of the standing rigging to the mast. I will put on the blocks and the rest of the standing rigging as I put on the sails.
  7. Your Vasa is coming along nicely. What are your thoughts on the DeAgostini kits?
  8. I have been working on painting the hull. I chose to use a semi gloss white on top portion and a metallic copper on the lower portion. 3 coats of white and 2 of copper. I added 1 coat of clear poly so far. Getting the white right took some work. Will put on stripes for water line and accent near top to finish the hull. It’s not great but I am satisfied with it now. Next up is the deck work- structures, rails and hardware.
  9. Thanks Yves. You are right. I know there is always a good debate between natural wood color and paint. While it is a personal preference ultimately I believe if you build to “model” an historic ship you need to be true to its look if you want to achieve your objective.
  10. Finished deck planking and made holes for the deck railings and the rigging secured to the deck. Added a stain and two coats of poly. Next up will be smoothing out the hull for painting. After more thought I decided to paint both upper and lower portions of the hull. While the walnut would have looked great the Rainbow did not have a wooden hull but metal. Hopefully it will come out ok.
  11. Thanks all. The J Class is a classic look. I am enjoying the build so far. Working on planking the deck then I have to decide how to finish the hull. When I started the build I planned to paint above the waterline and varnish below. The more I think about this it would not really be a true look at the hull was metal not wood. So I am now thinking of painting the full hull. I am searching for a reference to the colors Rainbow was in back in 1934. I found a painting showing a white hull above the waterline. If you have a good reference please let me know. I am not sure if the new Rainbow was true to the 1934 colors. Patrick, I did look at your Rainbow and it is a beauty. I marvel at how you can work at such a small scale.
  12. I worked on both the boom and the mast shaping the boom, adding the rigging parts and fitting the hinge and pin. The mast is built for gluing 2 sets of 3 sectioned wood, half round dowel and end strip. Lots of sanding and lots of eyelets to add. Total length is 625mm. Cross trees are brass tube. Interesting process. I will paint a bit later on. Back to planking the deck now.
  13. Danny, Thanks for updating. I did not know to notify you. Will in the future assuming I finish my next one!
  14. Quick question. I added “Finished” to the title of my Albatros build a while ago but on the index the green “Finished” status does not appear. Is that something the moderators are doing or is it something I should have done. When I search other build logs many times I only focus on finished logs. Not sure if I have been missing some of this feature is not current. thanks
  15. I finished the second planking today. Also added the rudder. Will work on the mast and boom a bit for a break from planking, then back to planking the deck. I am looking for any details on the original colors of the Rainbow when she raced for the Cup in 1934. Looks like the top part of the hull was white. If anyone knows a good source please let me know.

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