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How to measure a jib boom?

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If a spar plan says 35' outside the cap for the jibboom, is that measured horizontally or parallel to the centerline of the boom? I'm assuming it's parallel, but the distance to the cap was 28' from the FP, which is horizontal, so I thought I'd just check.

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Hi rtwpsom2;


All masts and yards were measured parallel to their centreline.  They were made on land,  and the craftsmen making them needed to know how long to make them.


All the best,


Mark P


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6 hours ago, rtwpsom2 said:

Thanks Mark, so when it says the bowspirit is 28' outside the inner stem, that is a straight line length and not horizontal (e.g. parallel to the keel)?

That is correct - the actual length of the spar.  The angle from horizontal could be changed to a certain degree, which would change that horizontal measurement.  The physical length of the spar, however, remained the same.




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