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  1. Came back from a mini vacation and they were waiting for me, thanks Chuck.
  2. I literally had no idea they had come up with same quality knockoffs. But are they cheaper? I don't understand how they can be of the same high quality while still being cheaper. I can understand buying them if their the same price as Lego, maintain the high quality, but offer pieces that Lego doesn't, because then it isn't completely a knockoff. It's offering spice to an existing brand, so to speak. So in this case I would want to separate some companies like megablocks who are just knockoffs, from companies like Cobi who manufacture to the same high standards but make some parts and kits that Lego won't because you could still use those parts to make a Lego kit better. Although, this might just be me arguing semantics.
  3. There's also the fact that there are no good knockoffs out there. Megablocks and every other cheap knockoff are just ****. Enough so that even a child could recognize how poor the family was by whether or not their mom's bought them megablocks or real Legos.
  4. I usually make a scale spreadsheet. You can see the one I am starting here for 48th scale. I can do multiple sizes in scale very quickly, including rope dia to scale rope size. It's the third set of columns with the first being inches to scale inches and mm's and the second being feet to scale inches and mm's. It's also good for storing miscellaneous info about your project.
  5. I think I didn't communicate well enough, I don't like to build with card stock, but I can enjoy a well made cardstock model as much as everyone else. It's just not a medium I like working in personally.
  6. It's a scale representation of a ship or nautical themed item, I think it fits just fine. I'm not a fan of using card stock to build with but that doesn't make card stock models unwelcome.
  7. lol @Jolley Roger I just subscribed to that forum the other day so I could post in that thread. Haven't had the chance to yet. Edit: I misspelled your name, sorry.
  8. Chuck, here's why I didn't ask for replacements. Once it's glued up and sanded you can't even see where they broke. So I really wasn't worried about it, that much. I hope no one thinks I am disparaging the quality of the product, I think the quality is just fine.
  9. I wasn't too worried about it. If the glue doesn't hold I could always ask for more, or I have a 3D printer, or I have a mini-lathe and a mini mill. Something would have worked out. Anyway, being a CAD Designer, I could offer some suggestions to improve the part if it happens too often, Chuck. The main point was how funny it was that you sent me the same roll of stuff I've had sitting on the shelves waiting for a project for several months.
  10. I want to introduce you all to a friend of mine, this is Lope's Hope the 3rd, she's a P-51C owned by a fella named Bruce Eames. She was the first project I worked on when I started doing CAD for Aircorps Aviation nearly 5 years ago and it is with no small amount of pride and satisfaction that I'd like you guys to know that she just took Grand Champion at EAA Airventure 2018. The famed Gold Wrench: As humble as it may be, this was my contribution to the project: We didn't really need the wing or the tail done in CAD, and the doghouse/radiator assembly was done by my coworker. So it's not like I could say I had that major a contribution to her restoration, but I could at least say I had a small part that I am proud of.
  11. lol @Chuck It's nice that you send a full roll along instead of some small 20' roll or something, though. On a side note, on your serv-o-matic, you might want to package these guys a little differently. Maybe cling wrap them to the main board? The way they were in the zip lock put a lot of lateral force on them causing them to break. I've glued them together, I think they'll be fine. And I'm not posting this to try and shame anyone, just giving you a heads up.
  12. As the title states, it would be nice if the latest posts section showed who posted instead of who created the topic, that way I know who posted last in that topic. Right now, it can be a bit ambiguous as to whether another person has posted in a topic I've already read. This would save having to scroll down and find the topic to see who posted last. Add to that the fact that I generally already know who created the post and when, so those pieces of info are kind of redundant without two similarly titled threads being popular at once. I mocked this up real quick as an example:
  13. I don't see any cracking, just warping, are they fine after that?
  14. The Leon was a beautiful boat, I had considered making a model of her myself. Doug, are you using the Underhill blueprints to make your model? If so how are you finding them? I had thought about getting some plans from Brown, Son & Ferguson but wasn't sure about the quality.
  15. Next shipment(s) came in. The first was $90 worth of boxwood. This is what I intend to carve on, but I think I will first have to practice on something else at this price. The second was the previously hinted at bandsaw. I also ordered a sander at the same time I ordered the bandsaw. I really wish I could have found a smaller one as I don't need a full size one, but this was the cheapest, smallest option available. I do have room for these, but I don't have a place for them, as such, yet. I have a large format printer that I bought a cart for and that cart would be perfect to put both the bandsaw and the sander on so I could wheel them into a corner when not in use. So I will probably get another one of those carts soon.

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