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Securing anchor to chain plate or hull,what knot is used-not the anchor bend.


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Ahoy Mates


What knots or knots are used for the securing line that is used to lash the anchor to the hull or chain plate? No It's not the anchor bend knot to the anchor cable that I am looking for,but the knot used to lash the anchor on my Cheerful to the top rail.

Here's my Cheerful and where the anchor is to be secured on the top rail.


Is there a book that covers the knots used and where?




anchor lines 8-11-2018 015.JPG

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I don't know a reference or specific knot, but will offer that when underway in open water where the anchor wouldn't be readied for use, it would be very well secured with multiple lashings to minimize any chance of the anchor shifting (at least that's how this seaman would do it).  I also understand that for extended offshore sailing the anchor cables would be untied and stowed below and the hawse holes plugged.  Depending on the layout of the ship and availability of suitable hardpoints (e.g timberheads, cleats, etc), I would think multiple turns of a line around the anchor and hardpoint then maybe finishing on the timberhead with a clove hitch or on itself with some half-hitches.  





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