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Inherited model yacht, looking for help


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Hello! I am not sure if this is the proper form for questions regarding rigging a model yacht. After much research on model and real yachts and yacht rigging I am sure that this model was never meant to be a scale replica of any particular vessel and may just be folk art. It was hand built by my father's great uncle, rigging hardware added by my father, then stand built by my uncle who also restored the finish on the hull, mast and boom. It most closey matches a J-class sloop.  No matter what it is, I would like to complete the rigging to most closely reflect what it should have on it. Any help is appreciated even if it is direction toward a different forum or resources to assist me in this task that has become a passion for me.

On another note, the research on this boat has certainly made me consider starting my own build in the future, though a more that accurate build, perhaps the Endeavour?


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I had a similar issue with a pond yacht.  A work associate asked me to see what I could do about restoring one that belonged to his father.  I've never worked with pond yachts so I just did some research and came up with what I thought was the best representation of what it may have looked like.


My first thought is that you may want to leave that model as it is now.  Maybe that it how it was intended to be.


Hopefully this link works;



Hope it helps.



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Hi Bill, 


Thank you so much for your response. Your response and links seem to confirm what I was thinking: this model is one persons interpretation of a pond yacht and I can only work with what is already there. I had the ambition to make it as correct as possible but my father adding his rigging hardware seems to be the biggest issue as it does not make much sense relative to how it should look and operate. I think I will just do what I can as correctly as I can, not make any drastic changes (for example: I was considering adding a spreader for the main mast shroud) and accept it as a family folk art piece. I still appreciate the look of it as well as the family history.  Hopefully a few pics posted in the future when it is done. 


Again, thank you.



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