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Lynx 1812 by Bare_Koala - Mantua-Panart - Baltimore clipper

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Nice start B-K.  Seems to me you're getting a lot of things right (like leaving the nails proud so that you can extract them easily!).  And where you're not, you seem capable of working out how to get everything back on track.
Wood filler is definitely one of the ship modelers' best friends!

Keep up the good work!


Apologies everyone - I’ve accepted that I’m OLD.  I’ve put down my tools and immersed myself in  activities that don’t require me to work in a cold, outdoor workshop!   I now do other things, but I do still look in to MSW.  And sometimes I comment!  When I die, I’ll let you all know!

Abandoned build: - Occre's "Spirit of Mississippi" riverboat.

Previous builds - La Petite Nella (aka AL's Mare Nostrum);  Anastasia (1:12 scratch-built sailing kayak);  USS Enterprise (Constructo);  Half Moon (Corel);  Lt Bligh's Bounty Launch (Model Shipways); Silhouet (1893 Dutch Barge)(Constructo)Mephisto (aka Constructo's 'Le Camaret' lobster boat)

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Starting work on the cannons..! Extremely difficult nailing the fixtures on as it can crack and split the side of the wooden frame.. but first one is almost done! The kit’s instructions also have some errors in the building of the cannon frame and wheels, so I used a piece of planking wood as the base.



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