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Standing rigging sizes

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Here is what I used, based upon R.C. Anderson The Rigging of Ships in the Days of the Sprtisail Topmast 1600 - 1720:


The rigging sizes all are figured relative to the main stay which has a circumference equal to half the maximum diameter of the main mast, so

42.76 inches mast diameter x 1/100 scale gives 0.43 in.  scale mast diameter

.043 / 2 gives a main stay circumference of 0.215 inches

0.215 / 3.14 gives a main stay diameter of 0.068 inches.


The closest line I had available is 0.08 inches (which may be a bit too large. 0.06 may be a better choice)


The following rules of thumb then apply (in order of size):

Fore stay = 4/5 of the main stay

Main shrouds and Main topmast stay = 1/2

Fore Shrouds, Fore topmast stay, Mizzen stay = 2/5

Main topmast and Mizzen shrouds = 1/4

Fore topmast shrouds, Mizzen Topmast stay and the two Topgallant stays 1/5

Shrouds for the last 3 = 1/6 


These following rules apply to the rest of the rigging but they are relative to their respective lines (this should become clear in the table below):


Mast tackle pendants = shrouds (i.e Main mast tackle pendants = the Main mast shroud diameter)

Shroud deadeye laniards = 1/2 the shroud

Stay collars = 3/4 of the stay

Tackle runners = 2/3 of their pendant

Tackle falls = 1/2 of their runner or pendant

Backstays = Shrouds

Tyes = Shrouds

Halyards = 2/3 of the Tye

Lifts = 3/8 of the shroud

Lift pendants = 1/2 shroud

Braces = 3/4 of the Brace pendant

Brace Pendant = 1/2 shroud

Deadeyes = 1/2 the diameter of the mast

Tacks = shroud

Sheet = 3/4 shroud

Clews = 1/2 of the sheet

Bowlines = 1/2 shroud

Leech lines = 1/3 shroud

Bunt lines = 1/3 shroud


Block length should be about 12 times the diameter of the rope and their sheeves should be about 9x the diameter of the rope


Hope that helps some.




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