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    Currently working on the Queens Barge from Syren while enjoying the St Lawrence river at a rented summer cottage.

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  1. Hello Bill, Welcome to the forum from a fellow Floridian. Lots of great folks, wonderful models , and available help. Enjoy. Pythagoras (Tom)
  2. Hello Chris, Regarding the shipment of Lady Eleanor, which was to arrive at first last Thursday, then last Friday, UPS did disappoint. Tracking says it will arrive today between 2 and 6 pm. Must have been a hiccup somewhere!! At least I have no plan to start the build anytime soon, so the delay really is unimportant. I can't wait to see my first Vanguard kit. It's like Christmas in May. Thanks Chris, Pythagoras (Tom)
  3. Thanks Jeff. that great service! Can you believe that UPS just e-mailed me and said I had a package from England arriving by the end of day Thurs. 5/14/20. I'll believe it when I see it. Pythagoras(Tom)
  4. Hello B.E. I just ordered The Lady Eleanor 5 minutes ago and the timing of your post could not be better. I will look forward to following your build with interest. Pythagoras (Tom)
  5. Hello Chris, Just ordered the Lady Eleanor. Can you approximate shipping time to Florida? Very much looking forward to my first Vanguard model. Thanks, Pythagoras (Tom)
  6. Michael, That is where i found mine! Great job, keep up the great job. Mine is finished and I loved working on the Barge. I just started the Medway longboat as I went into "social distancing" Looks like I'll be here for the duration. At least I'm loving it. Pythagoras (Tom)
  7. I also agree. Replacement service was excellent, but only needed on a few of the twelve Model Expo kits I have built. Pythagoras (Tom)
  8. Great start MiNi, Welcome to this forum from sunny Florida Pythagoras (Tom)
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