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Ahoy Mates


Just less than a week from the Model Show here in Portland,Oregon next Saturday. I will be completing my Cheerful build in the next two days!!! It will be nice to have it completed 5 days from the Show. Here's my last build for the Cheerful. A binnacle out of swiss pear from a photo of one on a boat in the Manatoba Maritime Museum thanks to someone here posting to my question about binnacles for the Cheerful.And to Chuck for his drawing also. Pickels had to help since he wants his 3/4 of the desk space that this model has taken up for months now. He's yelling at me to work faster.

I hate to finish it up now since it's been a great build and having learned a lot building it.


Keith and Pickels

binnacle 9-11-2018 003.JPG

binnacle 9-11-2018 018.JPG

binnacle 9-11-2018 010.JPG

binnacle 9-11-2018 030.JPG

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