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Can somebody give me an idea of the type of dimension that I would expect for the 'room and space' for the frames of an English schooner of the 18C. Reason for asking is that I would like to add trennals/ treenails to the hull of a 1:80 model and therefore am looking for a reasonable frame centre to frame centre measurement that is not too wildly exaggerated.


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For that time, I would look up the scantlings in Yedlinsky  or the texts that he extracted.

For the RN  in the last 1/3-1/2 of the 18C   R&S of 2' to 2" 2" would be close. 

The timbers 9.75" to 10".  If paired, 20" of wood and 4-6" of space. If unpaired 10" wood and 2-3" of space.

If you have the plans, see what the closest combination of the above will fit between the stations.

Each station line bisects a bend - if paired frames were used. 

If singleton frames, the station is likely the aft face in the fore section and fore face in the aft section.

Figure the fore section to be about 40% of the whole.


It looks to me = the RN seemed to prefer cutters and brigantines to schooners, unlike North America.

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