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New Here and Cant Identify a Model Ship I Inherited

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Hi. What you have there is what's called a decor model. These are mainly produced in SE Asia these days, but they were once commonly made in Spain, hence the name on the plate "Fregata Espanola", which simply means "Spanish frigate" in Spanish (of course). Despite the name, it is neither an accurate model of a Spanish frigate, nor even any frigate in particular, which explains why it may not look like other similarly labeled models. It is simply a low-cost likeness of a generalized ship that is meant to look good on a mantel or bookcase shelf. If it reminds you of your grandfather, then give it a gentle cleaning, reattach any loose ropes, and give it a place of honor somewhere, if you have room, and think about him when you see it.



Chris Coyle
Greer, South Carolina

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- Tuco

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hope you don’t mind me telling it...


These type of odels used to be highly popular in Europe around the fifties. 

They took a ship type (in this case: clipper/tall ship), placed a name and a date on it that drew attention. 


Some of them very nice models, some of them a bit crude, none of them a real model of an existing ship.


In your case the name refers to a type of sjip: a Spanish frigate, the model inspired by an 1880 english clipper. 

Take it for what it is: a decorative piece and a remembrance of your granddad.



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