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need Constructo 1.50 HMS bounty instructions

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Hi all, apologies if I have put this in the wrong section. I am a complete newbie at building ships and working with wood, I’ve made plenty of cars etc in plastic, but nothing like this. Maybe I’ve jumped straight in the deep end, but my wife said to me what I would like for Christmas, so whilst scrolling through eBay, I found a listing for the constructo HMS Bounty 1.50 scale, I didn’t open the box until a couple of weeks agowhere I found I am missing the instruction booklet, and page 1 of the plans, so I’m a bit stuck of what to do next, I’ve tried to contact the eBay seller, but they were unable to help, so I contacted constructo via the website, but I haven’t had a reply, which I don’t think is very good for a company not to reply at all, so much so, I doubt if I would purchase any other constructo kits. I’m hoping someone on here might be able to come to my rescue, if there’s on here that could scan the said items, I would be truly thankful.



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I seem to recall somebody a while back said a kit maker wouldn't reply to an email in English.  Don't remember who.


Anyhow, just for giggles, you might try "Google translating" your message into Spanish and see if that elicits a response. 




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I recently bought a Constructo HMS Bounty 1/50 scale wooden ship kit on eBay. And when I  opened it found it’s missing the color instruction booklet. I would like to purchase the missing book but haven’t had any luck finding one. Any help locating the said color instruction booklet would be much appreciated. 
sincerely mick

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