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Rigging Sheets and Downhauls

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I've been following your build with great interest. You're a marvelous modeler!


I'm currently doing the best I can (which is not in the same league with your talents and model-building prowess) with my Revell 1/96 Cutty Sark and am (as I often find myself) CONFUSED!


I'm attaching blocks to the yards and trying to make sense of where to rig the sheet and clew lines for my model. I'll be building her with sails stowed. I guess my question is best asked using the Revell instructions/diagrams so I'll try to attach them in this post. Essentially, where - AT WHAT POINT - does one attach the sheet line to the downhaul line? The instructions state: "(for W/O SAILS, tie SHEET LINE to EYE of CLEW BLOCK or to DOWNHAUL LINE)"


I hope my question with the help of the section of the Revell diagram I'm attaching will be clear.


I've looked at the pictures you've posted on this page and am still a bit confused. I guess my head just can't seem to disentangle one line from another in the images.


If you find time to answer my question I'd be most appreciative.




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With the sails stowed, the clewlines and sheets will still be shackled to the foot of the sail except, of course, that the sail will be furled on the yard.


With respect to the upper topsail, the sheet won't be shifted from its position either sheckled to the lower yard or set up in the tip with a tackle.



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Slowly preparing for rigging of my Cutty model ( it is far away from now), I concluded that it first must be really serious research in many different rigging plans and in pictures on Google, and other pages with photos.


My sheets are poor with details, so, it  seems that after research I LL HAVE TO MAKE SOME KIND OF MY OWN RIGGING PLAN. Or, to try to bye from Maritime museum ???


Please, keep posting your progress, I am very interested



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Content of log :


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The sheet does not attach to the downhaul at all.  The downhaul only attaches to the yard and is used to help lower the upper topsail yard.  The sheet spreads the foot of the sail to the yardarm.  If the sail is not set the sheet will be toggled to the clew.

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