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HMS Endeavor

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 I purchased a completed model of the Endeavor, she's dirty and tired, missing the long boat and the rigging, both standing and running, is starting to part in many areas. I purchased an AL kit off eBay that's only missing the hull. The two together cost me less than half the price of a new AL kit and I get the following 1) a well made Endeavor model that I can practice rigging on 2) the correct rigging line to use for replacement, 3) the longboat as would have been original to the model, 4) mast and blocks and other parts that I plan on adapting to the Tennessee 5) and a set of plans!









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Keith, I am planning to build the HM Bark Endeavour and I'm currently researching which kit I'll buy. To aid in my research I purchased the book: Anatomy of the Ship Captain Cook's Endeavour by Karl Heinz Marquardt. I think you'll find it very helpful.

Have fun!

Regards, Charles Lindsey, Toronto Ontario Canada

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 I am so sorry, just this afternoon did I see that you replied regarding the book, Anatomy of the Ship Captain Cook's Endeavour by Karl Heinz Marquardt.

 Thank you so very much for the information.........Keith

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