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The panels in the bulkheads would have the grain going vertically.


You might want to check with the folks up at Baltimore who are in charge of the Constellation. They might be able to give you some more specific information.



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Good advice from Russ, ask the  shipwrights at the Constellation.  There are usually one or two around during visiting hours. It may also depend on the use of the bulkheads and if they are permanent or removable.

I have seen bulkheads with vertical planking and some with horizontal planking.  With vertical posts spaced every two feet or so, the planks are easily set in place across the posts and not meant for being removed on a regular basis.  Panels that can be removed more often had the planks in vertical positions with horizontal or diagonal cross pieces much like a door.  Lavery's Arming and Fitting gives a lot of information on bulkheads, but these may not be appropriate for an American frigate,.



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