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mast height on cutty sark

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I am building the Artesania Latina Cutty Sark 1: 84 and for the life of me. i cant find the height od the masts and the Bowsprit - can anyone help me !!!!

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As initial research, check this




Also, C-plans


Hope this helps

In progress:

CUTTY SARK - Tehnodidakta => scratch => Campbell plans


Content of log :


Past build:

Stella, Heller kit, plastic, Santa Maria, Tehnodidakta kit, wood, Jolly Roger Heller kit, plastic

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According to The Cutty Sark book by Longridge the actual length of the masts from deck to cap is 


Fore   613/4 feet

Main   64 3/4 feet

Mizzen mast 55 3/4



The book by C. Nepean Longridge is available through abe books and very helpful resource.

Bow sprit is 20 ft long outside the knightheads. Hope this works for you


Edited by Cuda1949



Current Build


The President by Sergal


Completed Build


Cutty Sark 1:75

SIB Hannah

Opium Smuggler

SIB Pride of Baltimore II


On Deck


Pride of Baltimore II





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