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  1. I have enjoyed your journey it looks great you have created a masterpiece. So when can I expect you to come up here and do mine. LOL. Actually i have kept a space in my shed (Garage) for my desk at the end of my work bench. Hope to move in the fall.
  2. The two clubs nearest me are about 150 miles North and 150 miles south. One in Philadelphia and one in Hampton Va. At one time I lived in either Philly or Hampton.
  3. Great job very impressive. Makes me want to restart my The President and put my Brig of 1812 ship in a bottle to the side. Again Great Job.
  4. Absolutely agree. Thanks I enjoy reading MSW at least 3 times a day.
  5. Thanks for the offer and thanks for the kind words but I am staying close to home till everything returns to semi normal.
  6. Finished the running rigging. Over two years so far invested so far. Actually the model is 99% done. All that is left is to make the figurehead and then make a base for the model to stand on. Unfortunately I have to wait to get to the lumber mill to get a nice piece of wood to mount the ship on.
  7. I bought the same model kit off ebay back in the early 90 s and it was first model I built after building many ships is bottles. I wrestled with the model but I did finish it and it sits proudly among my sib of the PRIDE OF Baltimore and the Young American. Very nice work on your part look forward to following along.
  8. Finished the three life boats and sewed covers on top to replicate canvas covers. Lesson learned do all your deck work first the attach your rigging. Life boats are in place and tied down. Now on to the final running rigging.
  9. Okay back at it. Today I started building my life boats using basswood that I shaped sanded. I am in the process of planking them. I plan to cover the tops with white canvas material and then mounting them on the ship. I also built the braces or stands for the lifeboats as well as a jig for bending the planks. I have also continued doing the running rigging, I learned a valuable lesson from this to have everything done on the deck prior to rigging the ship.
  10. Yes I am using that and some plans from Building a Clipper Ship. Unfortuantely I do not have the Hackney Book but will see if I can find it on ABE.Books Thanks for the input.
  11. Actually I have to be very careful as this is a temporary holder for the ship. I am looking for a special piece of wood to mount the ship on. It is fairly stable. Thanks for the concern,
  12. Welcome back from Lower Slower Delaware. Merry Christmas
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