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  1. All the yards are now in place. Onto tying ratlines (first attempt) Can't believe I have been working on this ship for a year. Then add the final rigging.
  2. Two masts done and working on the Third. Waiting for the Underhill book to arrive for help with the rigging. So plan to start doing ratlines after all the masts are finished. Awaiting for my delivery from Model Expo for more chains.
  3. Thanks again for all the input. I have ordered the Underhill book, it arrives next Thursday.
  4. Thanks to everyone for the input. Glad I asked would have wasted time and money buying the wrong book(s).
  5. I am almost to the point of rigging the Cutty Sark. Unfortunately my references on the rigging are very lacking. So my question is which book would be more helpful. I have already purchased "The Art of Rigging". Anyway which book would help the most in aiding my rigging. "The Rigging of Ships" by R.C. Anderson, or "Rigging Period Ship Models" by Lennarth Peterson. I also own the two volume The Cutty Sark the Last of the Famous Tea Clippers by Longridge. However this did not come with the inserts. Thanks in the advance for any help or any suggestions on other books.
  6. Very impressive build. I will keep watching. Pass some popcorn will ya.
  7. A little disappointed book from a cursory look through appears very technical. Not what I expected. Only paid 9 bucks and free shipping so not a total loss. Will use it as much as I can though. No rigging for clipper ships but I will still use it. Hope this helps.
  8. A rigging book in general "The Art of Rigging." by George Biddlecombe. Hope it helps
  9. Added the martingale chains to the hull and bowsprit. Attached two yards on the main mast. Waiting for chain I ordered to finish the yard. Awaiting arrival of the book I ordered on rigging.
  10. wow what a model looking really good. Sorry I am late to the show but am sitting in the back.
  11. thanks for the nice comment. I am very pleased with her.
  12. So after cutting and sanding two yards and waiting for the paint to dry I started attaching the chain to the bow sprit and permanently attach the bowsprit. The chains will be tightened up after everything is attached.
  13. One down two more to go. Also started working on bowsprit and finished the rail on the fore deck.
  14. Four of the five yards are complete and in place. I also added the railing on the foredeck. I have to add the footropes on the top yaed and it is ready to be attached.

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