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Can you add a second planking?

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When working with a kit designed as a single plank on frame, can you add a second planking? If so what, if any, modifications need to be done to allow for a second planking?


I am getting ready to do my second build, and I didn't realize that it is a single plank on frame kit, although it is coppered so most of the hull will be covered up.

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1) Calculate the final planking thickness depending on your scale. That should be done because some stern types require the butts of the planks to be shown at the aft area.

If nothing is to be seen, use veneer (0.5 - 0.6 mm, not thicker) for the final planking. So the shape of the hull will not be far from the 1-planked one.

2) Bulwark thickness. MAYBE the draft planking should be a little sanded down to achieve the proper bulwark thickness with the final planking.

3) The gun/oar ports. Think ahead about them and their shape (maybe the inner part should be smaller than the covered with final planking to imitate gun port lids cut-in).

4) The transition from the copper are to the wooden area. Also think ahead about the thickness there, especially if you are gonna paint the copper part.

5) Final thickness on the keel - but here may be ok, since there is a copper plating.

6) The taffrel area, if there are some pre-cut by the kit designer ornaments/elements etc. If they are meant to fit - the should fit. If not, sand down the draft planking.


Well, that is all I can think about now. Maybe someone will add more. Anyway, the use of the second planking is usualy more than welcome by a beginner,

because it allows the errors to be corrected easily.

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