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  1. Pay attention to the upper (bulwark) wide planks in the bow section. Especially in their meeting location. Looks like they need a little more bending.
  2. Careful! Do not boil the plywood too much - it can split by the inner layer. It is better to soak it in warm water. Anyway, you have the plate remains to test it yourself.
  3. Looks like you made some mistake: the toptimbers on the quarterdeck should be cut our, as I remember. Otherwise you will have wrong qurterdeck bulwark thickness and the gunwale will be too narrow.
  4. I suppose he bought it from EBay, not from the official dealer. When you buy from EBay you get what you get, it is a lottery in some way.
  5. Unfortunately cannot be done. Remaking to another scale is similar do redesigning the whole kit, because many materials have standard thickness, not to mention all fittings.
  6. You are absolutely right From the other hand, as I know, noone in Russia, except Eskadra and MK, currently produces bigger kits (not boats and not exotics)
  7. It has many flaws - both in manual and in the kit, especially in the rigging, but significantly better than many mainstream kits. Halfway to MK kits Actually it was released only a year ago, so not many people have finished it, so the errors are still being corrected (I hope!).
  8. It is better to use some other glue (which glues wood AND metal), which is less toxic and which dries slower, so you can adjust the position. In Russia we have for example BF-2.
  9. I hope you did not glue the sternpost yet. Otherwise it will be very hard to cut the second planking' protruding parts.
  10. Just a note: if you use PVA glue, it is much easier to use a hairdryer to melt the glue to remove the parts, instead of the acetone.
  11. Some of archive images of ships of that age that were close by. Pay attention to the curvature of the deck planking.
  12. Hi Nazir, 1) The pear version (the X letter in the reference) of the Avos does not differ much from the non-pear version except for the material. But IF there is also a letter N (N - for nails) letter in the reference, that means that there are also nails engraved on the planking, making the planking process much more difficult. If you are a newbie, I suppose it is worth leaning to the non-nailed version. Also, the N-version is also not very widely available. 2) For the instruments it is necessary to have different small drill bits and a drill (a hand one is o
  13. Here is the corrected rigging table with the column, containing the thread references. The table has priority over the drawings: if the thread size differs, take it it from the table http://master-korabel.com/manuals/MK0202_specification_2020_eng.pdf P.S. If any more errors are found, please do tell.
  14. Crafty Sailor ( https://craftysailor.com/ ) should have them in stock. They are also a sponsor here.
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