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HMS Supply by Roryn - Artesania Latina - kit with adjustments.

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First let me say thank you to those responsible for the resurrection of this site. I am sure all of us are grateful for one reason or another. For myself I needed it to see where things should go on this ship that the instructions do not even mention and to learn the way to do things.


I first posted the start of this build on the old site in late 2010. After becoming very frustrated with the way it was going together, a few months later I packed it away in a cupboard and forgot about it. Early 2013 I started again and made the decision to make the best of what I had done and hope it looked OK. I had gone too far to make the major changes necessary to fix the mistakes with the kit and those of my own doing. If I ever build another I will make sure to plan ahead to ensure that each part that is fitted will not affect the way subsequent parts will fit.


All looked good until I started the planking and found the hull shape at the bow seemed wrong and the deck height didn't match the plans and many other little things that really annoyed me. This is what triggered the decision to mothball the kit until I was ready to restart.


I have posted a few pics of the original build and I am sure you will see the shape just doesn't look right in places.post-1943-0-14107700-1368333375.jpgpost-1943-0-41788600-1368333376.jpgpost-1943-0-70760500-1368333377.jpgpost-1943-0-01592700-1368333379.jpgpost-1943-0-25762700-1368333380.jpgpost-1943-0-46927300-1368333381.jpgpost-1943-0-77736600-1368333382.jpgpost-1943-0-03033700-1368333384.jpgpost-1943-0-27840200-1368333385.jpg


I have made quite a bit of progress this past couple of months so I decided to restart the log. 


Stay tuned for the next instalment

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Thanks E & T. I did quite bit more of the planking before I retired it and looking at these photo's I can see the cause of some of my problems. In the 3rd from last I can see that either the 2nd or 3rd bulkhead is the wrong shape which caused a lot of problems when trying to get the planks to lay correctly. Being a single planked hull didn't help

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Just finished loading these photo's onto the laptop.


Progress has been quite rapid following my decision to restart. As some of you may notice there are a few changes from the original AL plans. 

The nameplate and decorative panel were hideous metal plates that I just could not bare to use so I made up the windows and surrounds. The instruction book and accompanying photos show almost all the parts in wood but AL decided to use metal castings which are the wrong shape and very difficult to fit. I decided to make new ones in wood salvaged from the kit. 

The bowsprit was the 1st attempt at rigging and although not perfect I am satisfied with the result.

I have noted in other logs that the AL plans for the rigging are not correct, but I don't know if I can be bothered to research the correct way to do it. 

The deck gratings, capstan, gun mounts and gun ports have all been remade. I kept the metal windlass and just painted it and the cabin doors need a darker stain.


Next task is the masts and accompanying fittings. 











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Very nice build and a nice model.

Choice off colour's in very nice and does the ship proud :)

please keep us posted as you progress through the build.


Regards Antony.

Best advice ever given to me."If you don't know ..Just ask.

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