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  1. Hi Sjors. She is coming along very nicely. how many issues are there from De-Agostini?.
  2. Good, another Queenslander . Welcome Richard. I had this model, but lost bits and pieces in a move, so I kept what parts and timber I had left and threw out the rest. I still have the plans so let me know if I can help. If I remember correctly, this one is in a relatively small scale, so there's going to be some fiddly work. I've also noticed another Thermopylae build on this site you should be able to get help from. Have fun with your build. Matt. (also a Queenslander).
  3. Good to see you back Dan. Nice work. I'm not sure working brakes are period accurate, because every movie I've seen they never do. They somehow always break with a young damsel aboard on a runaway stagecoach. Funny that. May be I watch too many westerns. Bullet holes in the sides could work. Maybe a few arrows. Have fun with her. Matt.
  4. Interesting project, but does this ship have a name?. I sense an unfolding mystery here, so you've got me curious about her. I'll watch with interest.
  5. I've managed to finish up this project. Lots of little fiddly bits like rope coils and flags and the last of the rigging. The reef points needed taming as they were all over the place, but a little bit of wood glue tidied them up. I had a go at making a lantern because the supplied on was too difficult to paint nicely and was only a cast metal one. I started off cutting the ornamental top and bottom from the cast lantern, and then making two hexagon shapes to frame the new one. It turned out OK I think. At least it's better than the original. That's it for this build. Thanks for watching.
  6. Hi Jason. I had the same problem here with the galleon i'm doing. I had to wait for days for the varnish to dry properly. . To start with I thought it was a bad batch but now you've had the same issue it's got to be the humidity. I think i'll be switching to a wax instead of a varnish. She's coming along nicely. Keep those pictures coming. Matt.
  7. I'm far from expert level, but I just finished a set of sails,(my first), and I added as much as possible to the attached sail before securing to the masts. Basically, I put the reefs, bunt-lines, and clew-lines etc on to save fiddling on the model, and I did that after the standing rigging. I found the blocks easier to thread off the model than they were attached. All the best, Matt.
  8. G'day. Looks like she's coming along nicely. How is the quality of the kit?. I'll be interested to see the quality of the mouldings they give you. Enjoy your build, and learning to read Italian. Matt.
  9. Lets see how this new photo program works. I'm hoping it does what I tell it to. All the rigging is up except for the fore and main braces. It's just easier to be able to move the sails out of the way while I give her a good clean and adjust what needs it. I've added the sails and small cannons. I need to have a bit of a whinge about the rigging plans. They were not to my liking. Some belays had more than one line going to them. Some were as mysterious as the Loch Ness monster. I just couldn't find any evidence of them. For some I just improvised and tried to give some symmetry to the rigging.
  10. G'day all. I took a break from building for a while, but now back into it. Will have a final post for this build up soon. Well, maybe 2 posts. I'll see how long it takes to finish..
  11. G'day Ollie, She is a little beauty. It looks like your'e nearly done too. The ratlines look spot on, with the shrouds nice and straight. Very nice job. Matt.
  12. Hi all. I hope you are all well. I've made a little progress with her, but it's the slow kind. Ratlines and preparing sails for fitting have been time consuming. I've added the Anchors as I've finished the dead-eyes and the ratlines. The end is in sight now, so only a couple of more posts to go for this build. It's just a case of sails and flags and tidying up with some rope coils and she will done. The plans for rigging aren't the best so I've left them all with some playroom so that If anything needs to be changed I've got enough to move the rigging. At this point none of the rigging has bee
  13. I too have been a little curious as to why I haven't seen you on MSW. Hope you are well.
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