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Another homemade wood lathe

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Well, I'll be building this one up, for I have to go through the paheses as I build this one (still rather recent)


The plank which supports is approximately 1 meter x 20 cm x 2.5 cm. The others are 1.8 cm thick. It's all pine wood. Took some of the thinner planks and made a base for the drill. Drilled/sawed a hole the size of the forward part of the drill body  which normally would hold the handle. Cut a groove in the plank from the top to the top of the hole so It can clamp the drill. The images show it better than I can explain in my poor English ..




After that I took a router and made a groove all over the length, and twoo lesser ones on the side of that one which I 'll use for alluminium strips. The use of those will become apparent.




Some chisseling to be done ..




and fitting the strips ...



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Next thing: make a slider, so different sizes kan be fit between the drill and the opposing center




Made on each side of the base plank a groove so the slider won't budge. In the triangular side of the slider I drilled a couple holes to pass some dowels through. Drilled a hole large enough for the revolving center I bought (€ 19.--). Made a clamp on it to fix the slider on the required distance from the drillhead




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That worked rather nicely. I found some room for improvement. Like this, I could only put a center in with a certain diameter. I thought about the drill ... If I could put a drill head on the slide ... you could would have a lot more possibilities. I had an old drill, took it apart and used the axel from the head. Luckily for me it all fitted perfectly




In the near future I want to make an eye to stabalise a thin piece of wood. I'll be extending the post than.

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Thanks for reposting this (at least I think it's a repost). I was hoping for it as I was looking for the details about the 'tailstock' and this was an excellent idea. When I tried something similar with the tailstock made from an old hand drill chuck I didn't get the alignment quite right and it didn't work well. I've been looking on eBay for old drills but none quite cheap enough yet!



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