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  1. Try masking the wood, than paint the hoops, remove the tape and laquer the barrels without tape
  2. You probably could have set the order by adding them to the page manually, instead of letting the website's function display them by default. On the other hand, is it really necessary to view them in succession? It is not as if the different photographs are showing he ship in different stages. She turned out really lovely, time well spent, and a marvelous result
  3. Back in the saddle again. Glad your brushes are still in condition, and your paint liquid. Looking good, any progress is progress. Work can be a bitch, especially if you are the owner ... take care Patrick
  4. That sliding roof on the companion way really looks good, Jo, very well done
  5. The colour does make it come a live, Steven. Even without mutilated rowers with blue hair
  6. And me thinking you had it all worked out! I like the way your figurines turned out, will you be using alternative colours like purple and blue for the hair? For the sleeves of your oars, could a toffee wrapper be of any use? Foil backed with paper ...
  7. Doesn't look to bad the hole, besides you can finish it with a ring, which you'll probably have to do anyway. Bowsprit looks quite good, how did you manage?
  8. Nice work Jason, dispite the missing reference. I would have expected the handropes for the ladder to be slack as well as a final detail, since there is no knot at that last stanchion on either side. Now I am nit picking. A very nice additional detail for the build! When you are talking about me I would call it dementia, for most it will be temporary amnesia, if I can still remember it correctly
  9. You have definitely built a beautiful violin. The details are very sharp and crisp. Chapeau!!!
  10. No, but the picture is rather grainy. High ISO? I presume it is on the underside of the deck grating, the middle photograph, edges of the holes in the PE
  11. Since you would like some realism, and you yourself are not comfy with the full version, I would advise to go for option 2. As previously said by others, it will probably be the one which fits you best to succeed with. Option 1 sounds like you do not like it at all and 3 makes you uncertain if you will manage. I had the same with my first ship's weathering and overdid the rust. Greg does some impressive weathering, but it has gotten better time and again. Now he doesn't need to add the slime, as almost all the visitors of his log drool over the build . What might happen, is that you will have to redo the first stages of weathering, because your are getting better at it, and it is a large vessel

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