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  1. Nice to see a liner between all the warships. Looking very good. Any PE detailup available for this one?
  2. The tool is as good as it's wielder ... lovely work Amalio
  3. Marvelous work Kees. I especially like the weathered look of the fishbuns. Hard times we have to deal with and especially people like you in "care services" get the brunt of the work. Take care
  4. The only advantage youhave at this scale is the numbe of parts. Where at 1/350 you might have some 16 - 20 individual parts, you have but 4. However, the size would drive me nuts! Well done, not to say, very well done
  5. Hmmm, must be the air you breath through your face mask, not enough fesh air ... glad you could salvage that one. It is hard to fly with two right wings, so I'm told
  6. Nice build, but when I look at the scale and at the PE ... I know RGL is right!!! Good luck, don't break your magnifying glass
  7. You can do a half hull display ... I didn't see the difference though ... either minimal difference or very well taken photographs
  8. Very nice Håkan, very nifty building stand too. (IT ... yes I know, they can't leave us be enjoy our hobby somehow )
  9. He can either chrome them himself, I know someone did that on this forum. Or use a chrome paint from AK or a rattlecan from e.g. Tamiya, or the chrome pen of Molotow (I used the latter on a damaged door handle in my Jaguar) [edit] Look here
  10. I don't like it, sorry, just like the unnecessary hype to ruin history all over the globe by a certain group. You do not need to like history but it defines where you come from. If you deny that, you deny who you are.
  11. Well, vaccins need to be administered twice, unfortunately if this virus mutates quickly and makes the vaccin unuseable, you might have hit the nail straight on the head Brian. According to the Dutch governmental COVID vaccination calendar, I'm not due before May (2025? if your're right Brian). I would postpone it as long a possible anyway. In the mean time: Keep the faith it will work straight out the bottle (pun intended)
  12. I think you should drill out the portholes ... when you paint the hull those won't be plugged by paint Although, thee are quite a few, but since you are waiting for NZ-post and Eduard ... you'll probably have time on your hands to do just that. So get into it, mate Cheers
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