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  1. Nice build on the other site. Still, would like to see yours
  2. Can you get me a HR shot from the river and one from your build so I can merge them together for you? The downward angle to river should be the same as to the model ...
  3. Hope to see the result in your buildlog. Make a putty imprint from the part so you have a mould. Another option, come to think of it. Make a fitting mold, and cast the part(s)
  4. Since the parts are oversized, couldn't you cut it - where indicated on the image - and glue it to the frame. That way you will loose most of the space between the parts, and make it fit.
  5. Welkom op MSW Daniël, just another Dutch man. Look forward to your buildlog on any of those ships. Everybody here likes photographs so do not keep us in suspense!
  6. Actually top level domain (TLD) ".at" is Austria, they do speak German there too His work ... fabelhaft
  7. Wouldn't say those need replacements ... lovely result RGL. You still get better, didn't expect you could improve on yerself mate!
  8. One of those miscalculations trying to get ahead not sticking to the sequence ... How old do you think I am ???
  9. Nice improvement Louie. Saw you were wearing the propper atire to pull on the hose. Wouldn't repositioning the columns in front of the benches give the rowers more rowing space. Pushing forward on the or requires more space for the or than pulling it backwards. Pulling your hands will not pass over your pelvis ... just reminiscing about my days as a roman galley slave
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