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  1. It took you long enough, so no wonder you fell asleep ... the result is darn good to, skipper ... only next time keep your eyes on the bild, not the desktop Lovely build!
  2. cog

    Piet Warmerdam

    Received some news today. He is still alive and kicking, but has very little time after the household chores, and taking care of Gwen, she is suffering from the initial stages of dementia. He still sounds like a very feisty man considering his age (in his 80ies) I don't think he shall be back in the short term, but for visiting. He sends his regards to all who know him
  3. You sound like an old man, falling asleep on top of his keyboard, finding out it's instead his x project. Glad you could salvage the damage to the head
  4. Eh oui, Yves, c'est dur pour les Français. Heureusement pas pour tous It seems I've not been to France recently enough I haven't seen the galettes with chocolate chips ... Very nice 3D printed parts. Checked out their site ... they have some lovely parts and kits ...
  5. cog

    Piet Warmerdam

    Yes December last, he was still very much a live and kicking. I'll drop him a line today, was planning to anyways. Let you know how he's doing when I've contacted him.
  6. Not something to like, mate. Hope the quack figures it out rather sooner than later. However, now you do have the opportunity to use all those beautiful handtools you've got and go where only the ancients went before Take care my friend Cherio
  7. I get the same notice. I thought it was my VPN changing IP, but it also happens when I sign in from the same IP. It looks more like a badly designed feature from the site's developers. Very irritating - like MS, Apple, LinkedIn, and more such co's are - and very unnecessary: It's a hobby forum!!! What's that about the false safety features nowadays, since these features do not keep your data safe. Actually most co's only try to register your "movements" and frequency of visits. Are you selling that too?
  8. So far mine haven't been built according to the box's content ... the Tribals are rather nice ships to build, so much to change and scratch build
  9. Nice book mate! SHATT ... can't be helped, but you'll get by as usual
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