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Formula for Spars for Warships of Spain

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I have the usual suspect textbooks:   Lee, Marquardt, Zu Mondfeld, Davis.  They have mast and yard length and diameter formulae for a number of nations but not Spain (except for Zu Mondfeld but his information is prior to the Napoleonic era and so not helpful .... Spanish spar formula probably changed with the surveyor).  With the exception of the periods when the Spanish used English or French methods, is there a source of these formula?  My books in Spanish, which I do not naturally read, all appear to provide information on Spars for actual ships (Frigate and above) and that just won't help me mast a brig though I do intend to work backwards and create formula that might be relevant to a brig.


On the subject, a general book with Spanish plank sizes, hammock stancions, etc. would really help as well.  I have several books by Enrique Garcia-Torralba Perez, books of photos of Museum ships, and a lot of original Royal plans and diagrams (many of which appear in said books as well), so that is how I have been picking up details but I really miss having sources like Goodwin and Lee.



TYVM in advance! 

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Jeffery I am having the same problem. I notice there is a lot of info on English and American ships but I find very little info on 16th century Spanish galleons.

I was just looking through the forum trying to get info on standing rigging on San Martin galleon 1588. Have you found any info from your post in October?



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Maybe this is not from period you are interested in, but I found spar dimensions table of Santisima Trinidad of 140 guns.


But in my humble opinion, if you found fortunately old Spanish source, great care would be required when using them because they may be recorded in "Pie castellano" or "pie de Burgos" which is shorter than international foot which is familiar todays.


"Pie castellano" namely "Castilian foot" is old unit used in Spain until 19th century and 1 Pie castellano equals to approximately 278.6mm.



I think dimension above is described in Pie castellano or pie de Burgos. Actually other page from same book shows clearly length of "Pies de Burgos". 



Hope these helps,



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