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How many rigging lines per belaying pin

Mark Allen

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I am building the San Marcos by OcCre.  The plans show 2 rigging lines tied to 1 belaying pin several times.  I have followed the plans but wonder, is this authentic?  Did real sailing ships tie more than 1 rigging to a belaying pin?  I ask this because the line is bulky on the pin and I wonder if it was confusing and cause tangles.





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Cheers Mark,

I realize this is a reposting from the other string but hope it is OK to repeat an earlier response.   I do not believe galleys of the 16th century such as the San Marcos ever had belaying pins.  It seems you are at the mercy of an error by the kit manufacturer but it can be pointed out that on some contemporary models of the 17th century and 18th century, they  do show more than one line secured to timberheads at times.   Whether this is an indication of actual practice on board ship in those days I do not know.


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