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Well, here goes with a repost of my Titanic build. It will take a few posts to catch up but I will do my best.


The Mantua kit comes in 5 parts including the RC part. I am building this to include the RC part but it will mainly be a static model, hence posting in this forum.


I started the model in early December 2012 and have been surprised at how fast I have progressed - too much time building and not enough time for the house chores!


The kit is very complete and I have not really had any problems yet. The hull is a standard 'double plank on frame' construction and as long as you take care with the planking, the hull builds straight and true.

I prefer to treat each plank as a separate project and not worry about the progress.


Anyway, on to the photos ...










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Thanks Dan!


Yes, the strips can be cut. You get 3 strips in each kit and each strip consists of 5 sets of 3 led's. There is a scissor symbol showing where to cut each one. Then with some careful soldering it is possible to lengthen the gap between each set of 3 leds. There are four contacts to solder marked as 12v+, R, B, G.

So I suspect you can also choose which colour you want although I have not tried it yet.

Ipaid about £20 for the led kit at Maplins. Not bad for 45 bright led's including the power supply.

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Hi Ricky.


I'm building the same kit - since last June.  I've just finished plating and painting the funnels today. My model also has lighting, something like 150 LEDs and I'm using brass etched parts for walls, windows and railings. 


I'm intending to put her in a case and she will be a waterline model so will look as she did on the sea. 


I've finished all the decks and houses and am about to start the detailing stage with benches, winches, vents, deckchairs and finally, the rigging.

I've added the strength deck hull plating (homemade using card and a craft tool to simulate the riveting) and all windows are glazed. Some of the visible rooms (cafe Parisienne, restaurant and promenades) are furnished and lit.


I'll try to get some photos so you can let me know what you think.  I look forward to following your build and if there are any pitfalls I know about, I'll let you know before you get to them.

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Thanks John. The downtime on the forum gave me the chance to get on with some serious building.


Xavjar. The kit is great but I would suggest giving the RC part a miss. If you are intending to go the RC route then you can get better motors cheaper from any good model shop and the installation is easy in a hull of this size.


David. Great to hear from another Titanic modeller!

It sounds as if yours will be far more detailed than mine. I did consider fitting out some of the cabins and cafe etc but decided against it mainly because of the scale.

150 led's!! Wow! I have fitted the strip today and will post some photos later tonight. I intend to have led navigation lights, steaming light and stern light but that is probably as far as I will go.

I look forward to seeing photos of your build.


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Time for another update on this build.

I have now cut the lighting strips and positioned the sets of 3 leds roughly where I want them in the hull. I will include some shots of the actual lighting installation when I finalise the position. Foredeck fittings are in place and most of the handrails are done.

In the photos, the superstructure is loosely screwed in place and I have yet to think of a sensible way of linking the power to the hull - I am thinking of a small jack-plug somewhere.






I will take some more photos tonight - It looks much better in the dark!




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Time for another update

Below are some photos showing the lighting effect at night. I am liking the effect but I think I have 'lost' my bag of led's that I bought for the navigation lights - will have to buy some more.


I have now started work on the funnels.

The kit contains a neat jig to ensure that the base of the funnels are all cut to the right angle.

First job was to dry fit all the parts together and then make sure that the thin mirror-ply will fit correctly.

No problems encountered. All the structures were then glued and the ply carefully rolled around them. Super glue is your friend with this job.


Currently, I am adding the detailing and pipework to the funnels. Also, I will have to go out tomorrow and get some paint for them. This is one part of the model that must be the right colour!











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Thanks Sarah!

Luckily the quality of the kit is very good and the parts all fit very well.

I know some people actually fit out some of the cabins on this model.

How they do that is beyond me.


I am really pleased with the lighting, even though I have not fitted all of it yet.


More photos in an hour or so.



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Time for an update.

It has been an interesting couple of building days.

Firstly, the funnels.

These require plastic tubing to be bent to specific shapes and glued to the funnel. The instructions suggest
using a hair dryer. This resulted in burnt fingers and floppy plastic pipes that I could not get right. In the end I built a little jig
from scrap wood and then used the hair dryer to soften the plastic so that I could press the pipe into the jig.

A good result I think.






Now came a problem – the first real
one I have had.

David, I don't know if you have spotted this one yet.

The instructions clearly show the position of the deck cabins – see the photos. The rectangular structure with 3 sides containing handrails shows the gap in the handrails to the rear.

I built it this way as shown in the photo.




Now I am at the stage of fitting the funnels and the later instructions show the rectangular structure has turned around!! This is actually the correct way round as the pipework runs across the section with no handrail from funnel 3.





I guess the lesson here is …...... I don't know what the lesson is!

Oh well, never mind. I will prise the structure off and re-glue it the correct way round if I can.


Please keep the comments coming - they really help.

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Thanks John. You are quite right!


It is all too easy to just carry on blindly but everyone makes mistakes including me - even good kit producers like Mantua.

I will write to them as they may be able to make an amendment to the instructions for other customers.


As it turned out I was able to pry off the deckhouse and just turn it round so no great problem in the end.

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