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Iam just starting on the deck furniture ect on the 1/50 bounty by constructo, and not very happy with the kit supplied cleats,these are wood ones 10mm long, the instructions say to just round off the edges and fit as to plan,but to me they do not look very good,so my question is, what sort and shape do i fit ,what sort would be authentic fo that period, thanks in advance,Ross.

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Cheers John, i think that type would be more in the period i am looking for,and far better than the kit parts, i think i will have a look and see what Cornwall model boats have. many thanks again. Ross

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Cleats and belaying pins on models are so often out of scale. Note the thickness of the shroud in relation to the cleat in the excellent photo Jim Lad provided. Here is a shot of cleats on H.M.S. Victory with no coil hung that is also instructive, I found it on this website  http://www.prdobson.com/album/hms-victory/photo/134/  Not so obvious is that the cleats on shrouds should have their inner face grooved to sit tight up against the cylindrical shape of the shroud.





 Niagara USS Constitution 


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