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What size cords for the rigging of a 1/50 medieval nef?


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I'm getting very close to the rigging stage on my latest model (a 1/50 single-masted medieval nef, or "pre-cog"), and it will be my first foray into the arcane art of rigging.


I know that in addition to things like the mainstays running to the mast top, I'll need anchor cord, cord to wrap around the mast, and several coils of rope hanging at opportune points around the ship. I will likely keep the rigging fairly minimalist, since the main purpose of this ship is to serve as eye candy in fantasy medieval roleplaying games (think "D&D" or Lord of the Rings) and eventually for boarding actions. I'll probably try to rig it similar to this diagram from a longship.


I see for example 20m spools of various sized of Amati thread on Amazon.fr, at 0.25mm, 0.5mm and 0.75mm, and on other sites like "New Cap Maquettes" they also offer 1mm and 1.3mm size. I'm tempted to order one of each, and try my luck, but thought it wouldn't hurt to get a few pointers here.


There also appears to be a choice between black and brown cords.


Are there resources on this site to help me in selecting appropriate rigging material for a 1/50 medieval model? I figure it's better to be slightly informed than totally ignorant.

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I'm going to take a stab at it, and try 1mm and 0.75mm in black for standing rigging, and 0.25 and 0.5 in beige for running rigging. It's hard to visualize just how small 0.25mm is, if it proves to be too light for a 1/50 ship, I'll just be out a couple bucks for cords I won't use.


Again, this is for a 1/50 medieval nef, some call it a "pre-cog", 11th-12th century, single mast, square sail. I've never rigged a ship (even one with such a simple rigging plan as this). If anyone has any suggestions for the weight of cord to use, I'm eager to hear it.


Also, if there are any primers for rigging a single-masted square-sailed vessel like an early cog, I'm a quick learner.

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My order came in. I ordered: 1mm and 0.75mm in black for standing rigging, and 0.25 and 0.5 in beige for running rigging.

At first glance, the 0.25mm is far too light. And even the 1mm is too light for some applications. This, from a complete novice shipbuilder.

So I'm going to order some more: black goes up to 1,3mm, beige goes up to 2mm. I think I need black at 2mm, so I'll see if I can locate some.

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