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  1. Shipman, Thanks for your post. The longboat in question is featured on a full page of May’s book making it somewhat larger than other illustrations. I expanded it on a copy machine and then took off body plan offsets. I used an Excel spreadsheet to convert offsets to compensate for planking thickness. I used the offsets to draw a 1:16 lines drawing, reduced on a precision engineering copier to the final 1:32. With my Naval Architecture background, my interest is producing models that demonstrate characteristic hull shapes and the way that these evolved over time. I have writte
  2. If you don’t have a mill, the backwoods solution would be a rat tail file. It doesn’t look like a precision machining job is necessary. Or, perhaps Sherline would be willing to do it for you.
  3. The reason that I posted is that from reading the current Sherline literature I agree that the adjustable back tailstock chucks have very limited range. The adjustable chuck that I remember them selling would have had to had more range to effectively turn a taper. Perhaps they still make it.
  4. Shipman, Thanks for your post. The boat is based on an Admiralty drawing reproduced in the book “The Boats of Men of War” by W.E. May, page 90. In addition to hull lines, this drawing includes rigging details not found elsewhere. The rail is wider than the gunwale in Steele, but it needs to cover the planking edge and futtock heads which adds up to 3-3/4in plus 1-1/2 to 2in added for inboard and outboard overlap brings us to almost 6in which scales to 3/16in. The sails are model aircraft silkspan, also called Modelspan, painted with acrylic paint. Bolt ropes and re
  5. Another P-38 Ace, Richard Bong was a native of Poplar, Wisconsin not far from Duluth, MN where I live. For many years a P-38 was displayed outside in a Poplar town park. About 20 years ago it was trucked to the Minnesota Air Guard’s 148th fighter squadron base at the Duluth Airport and restored. The plane is now the featured display in the Richard Bong Veterans Museum in Superior, Wisconsin across the St Louis River from Duluth. It is a “silver” plane. Roger
  6. I seem to remember that Sherline used to offer one of these adjustable tailstock chuck holders to be used for taper turning between centers. If available it might provide enough adjustment to meet your needs. It might pay to ask them. Roger
  7. For a number of years, I have been building a series of small open boats; specifically those carried by warships throughout history. All are scratch built to a common scale of 1:32. So far, I have completed three models: A Mid Eighteenth Century Longboat, A US Navy 40ft Steam Cutter of 1890, and a U S Navy 26ft Motor Whaleboat WWII era. I enjoy working to the 1:32 scale as it allows a high level of detail and using Imperial (US) measurements, 1/32in represents 1 scale inch. I also like including a scale figure on the nameplate and 1:32 equates to a commercially available 54
  8. I am constantly amazed by what crews were expected (and apparently managed) to do 140 or so years ago. Imagine standing in a poorly protected gun tub on the foredeck of this gunboat in a seaway handling these heavy shells using a davit and block and tackle, all while being shot at. Roger
  9. No, I don’t either. I suppose that people who pay a lot of money for them want them for decorator pieces. Serious collectors want one of a kind unique pieces. Roger
  10. If you could post pictures on this forum or failing that provide accurate descriptions, you could take advantage of the collective knowledge of forum members. This forum probably represents the largest collection of knowledgeable ship model experts in the world. I’m sure that many of us would be willing to help. If these were kit models, You should at least be able to declare the present cost of the kit. Roger
  11. Too bad no drawings have been found. Alliance in my opinion gets a bad rap from historians due to her role in the Bonhomme Richard Serapis fight, but at the end of the Revolution she was the only Continental Navy ship to survive. Roger
  12. Allen, Beautiful work! Are these posts real time? If so, your progress is astonishing. You must be a devotee of the old (1960’s) Navy expression, “If you can’t get your job done during the 24 hour day, work nights!” Roger
  13. I have also slit brass tubing as small as 1/16in dia. to form a cap rail atop a metal bulwark on my Byrnes saw. This requires a simple jig- a hole on a block of wood clamped to the tabl.e top. Roger
  14. Bob, a picky quibble. The longboat model on sale is the larger 1:24 scale model sold directly by Syren, not the 1 :48 scale model sold by Model Shipways. Roger
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