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    Naval Architect, Scratch Modeler and maritime history researcher. Current modeling interest- Navy ship's boats.
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    Author: Whaleback Ships and the American Steel Barge Company published by Wayne State University Press

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  1. Very nice job! If it is your intent to finish this as a model, there are two good books on this subject by Tom Cunliff: Hand, Reef, and Steer and Pilot Cutter’s Under Sail. Roger
  2. Beautiful work on a well documented c1812 Great Lakes Warship. You will have something to be proud of. Roger
  3. If my memory is correct, I believe that Fokker built short haul commercial aircraft used by commuter airlines during my “business travel” lifetime. Roger
  4. Cut short our annual March stay in Florida to return to Northern MN. My daughter, who is an infectious disease doctor at Lagonne Children’s Hospital in New York City agreed that being home amid familiar surroundings with access to our regular health care professionals and hospitals outweighed the risks of traveling. We flew from Ft Myers in SW Florida to Minneapolis, picked up our car parked in the garage of a nearby Hampton Inn and drove the remaining 150 miles home. It was a sobering experience. Both usually busy airports were empty. Particularly sad was the reaction of airport personnel such as baggage porters, and cart drivers who rely on tip income. They really hung around hoping for use of their services which we made a point of doing. Drink service on the 3-1 /2 hour Delta Airlines flight was bottled water or nothing. And the plane was smaller than usual and still not full. No complaints from either of us. We got home as planned on time despite the fact the departure boards at both airports showed many flights cancelled and were cartainly grateful to people in the travel industry who work to make these abbreviated schedules possible. I was was also worried about retrieving my car from the Hampton Inn’s enclosed garage. Fortunately the Hotel was still open but on a bare bones basis, with signs posted: No breakfast, no pool, don’t try to shelter in place here. I hope that this plague passes over us before completely ruining those who must interact with the public daily just to feed and shelter their families. Roger Pellett
  5. Nice model! Looking it the driver has a conventional steering wheel that I assume is connected to the front wheels. With the weight on the treads it would seem to be also necessary to vary their speed relative to each other to maneuver the vehicle. How does the driver do this? Roger
  6. Dee Dee, You misunderstood my hypothetical question. How can the Bluenose II people claim copyright infringement of the name Bluenose if people are able to build models of the original Bluenose built 30- 40 years prior to the current replica. My question had to do with the original vessel, not the replica. Roger
  7. A number of years ago there was a 3 or 4 part series in the Nautical Research Journal about a model of Kearsarge. It includes considerable research material. Call the Guild office about ordering reprints. Roger
  8. Wow, they didn’t pay for mine. Of course different state’s insurance rules can vary. Maybe Oregon’s offer different coverage than Minnesota. My wife also refuses to understand that I can’t hear her with her back to me and her head in the refrigerator.
  9. Yeah, me too. My hearing was tested several years ago and hearing aids were prescribed. Expensive! In these “industrial space” restaurants they seem to pick up ambient noise much better than conversation at the table annoying my wife who thinks that since I am wearing my “ears” I should be hearing everything that she has to say in her ladylike modulated voice. Ken, it is my understanding that the VA will provide hearing aids for service connected hearing loss. Roger
  10. Check the WoodenBoat Store (WoodenBoat.com). They have advertised boat models especially for young model builders. Roger
  11. Eric, This month’s WoodenBoat Magazine has a nice article about Arabia, her salvage and the museum. Like most magazine articles it is short on detailed information, most if not all you probably know but nice recognition nonetheless. I’ll send you my copy when I’m done with it if you like. Roger
  12. Hank, Looks Great! You are proving that you can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Roger
  13. Before starting the rigging on my last model I went to the cosmetic department at our local Target store and told the lady stocking shelves that I wanted a bottle of her least expensive lacquer based clear nail polish. A little bottle with brush on top cost well under $2.00. A little dab was used to secure knots, servings,etc and ro stiffen the ends of line. It worked great and I still have most of the bottle.
  14. I hope what I am about to say does not just add confusion. A key to a bandsaw working well is blade tension, especially when using wider blades for resawing. If you are able to see these saws in person before buying, I would buy the saw that is most heavily built and has the most rugged tensioning mechanism. The amount of tension will also be limited by the spring rate (force/displacement) of the blade tensioning spring, assuming that these small bandsaws have one. I just replaced the spring in my 14in bandsaw with a stiffer spring. Roger

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