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Recycle PET bottles to Filament that can be printed with 3D Printers

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Yes, recycling material is always a good idea, but PET is not necessarily a good material for making durable models. Also, filament-printing is not the best choice, due to its low resolution in comparison to resin-printers.


Making filaments from PET-bottles for printing in fact is only a slight variation of the normal recycling technique for such bottles: they shredded into small pieces, heated and then an extruder forms a new bottle - an extruder is nothing else, but a big printer that prints bottles ...

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You are right. Not always what is technically of interest good for the nature. As to your statement about resin printers, I cannot judge it. The filament based printing is a technology for which I have invested by buying a printer and for the purposes I have as of now, it is ideal for me. Having written this, I still have a steep uphill battle to learn its use.

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