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While following some of the sources discussed in the threads on the Frigate Essex, I came across the attached - it is in the public domain.


From the preface:


This Register of officers and ships of the Navy during the years 1801 through 1807 will supplement the operational material in Naval Documents related to the United States Wars with the Barbary Powers, six volumes of which have already been published. The additional data on personnel and ships should be of value not only to historians but also to genealogists, artists, model builders, and naval architects.

Part I, Personnel, endeavors to list all the commissioned, warrant, and acting officers both of the Navy and Marine Corps during the years 1801 through 1807, stating the various duty assignments of each. All the material is from official sources, but there may be omissions because of incomplete records and failure to report some changes of duty and appointments at distant stations. The Office of Naval Records and Library will be glad to have these drawn to its attention. The initials P. E. A. mean Peace Establishment Act; and ran means deserted.


Part II, Ships' Data, has been compiled from many sources, all contemporary and authentic, but much about our early naval vessels was not known even in the Navy Department when the vessels were still in existence. Additional material will be welcomed by the Office of Naval Records and Library,


The plans of vessels reproduced in this volume are all taken from originals in the National Archives or Library of Congress. 


Among the plans included are lines for the Frigates Boston & Essex and the Wasp.  There are several plates for the Wasp.


Due to the size of the original document, I have broken it into chunks.  If you would prefer, the original scanned document is available at www.ibiblio.org/anrs/docs/E/E3/nd_barbarywars_register_shipdata.pdf‎


Part I_a_1934 nd_barbarywars_register_shipdata.pdf

Part I_b_1934 nd_barbarywars_register_shipdata.pdf

Part I_c_1934 nd_barbarywars_register_shipdata.pdf

PartII_from 1934 nd_barbarywars_register_shipdata.pdf

PartIIa_from 1934 nd_barbarywars_register_shipdata.pdf




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