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Starting second planking on the Caldercraft Endeavour 1.64 scale (Build log to follow).


Question: Which to use? Will this add or detract from the models appearance or just look cluttered? Can I get away with attaching a full length plank and then cut partially into it to replicate the plank lengths? How long would the original planks have been, 18ft, 25ft?


Please excuse probably basic question....complete amateur!  :(





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Greetings, Keith - actually a very good question!  I will leave it to some with more knowledge on British practice to comment on whether a 3 or 4 butt shift would be more appropriate.   As to the length, probably in the 20 to 24 foot length for the planks, depending on the frame spacing.  If 24 foot fit across the frames center to center then that works.  In other cases, it may have been 22 feet to get on centers.  


While you may be able to simulate the planking look by using full length planks, at 1:64 it may be visible that it is not a true seam between planks.  Would do a couple of them as a test first and see what you think of the look.


Looking forward to the build log!


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Hi Keith,


I am probably not the best person to give advice on second planking as I hated it and it took me at least 9 months to complete as I would do a bit and then put it aside in disgust then do another little bit etc.


Anyway for what its worth here’s my thoughts.  Firstly on the plans find the side elevation with the wale position on it.  I am sure the plans and instructions say to start from here.  Accurately measure the height at many points along the top of the wale and transfer it to your hull.


Once you have a series of marks I suggest using a full length strip for the 1st plank at least so you get a nice smooth flow along the top wale line.  Then plank up and down from there.  If 1st plank is accurately placed when you come to do the wales the first wale plank sits perfectly on top of this one.


I prefer using whole lengths for the rest of planking as I found long lengths bend laterally more easily.  Short lengths become very stiff side ways and hard (for me at least) to get smooth flows.  Although I tried both in different areas.


A 100mm plank length is a shade under 21 feet which would be an acceptable length I believe.





oops forgot about shift pattern.  I started with good intentions but ended up placing them to fit.  If I used a full length I didn't bother marking pretend butt joins and when I used short lengths I just made sure none of the joins were next to each other.  To be honest I don't really noticed the hull plank pattern on mine.  Sorry not a very good answer I am afraid.

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