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  1. It'll be interesting to see how that glue works out...always on the look out for that one perfect glue!
  2. Thanks Mark. My last post for this swing…hopefully I can get home more often. Since the 12” turrets and funnels are complete the last of the major work left is all the ship’s boats and masts. This just leaves the multitude of small bits and pieces, which I have been chipping away at as per the photo. The below is around 9 hours of work. All completed assemblies are stored away ready for a major fit out once everything is completed. And a close up of part 86 for no other reason than I had it as I was going to do individual photos initiall
  3. Hi, More progress, the deck and turret rings are done, and the turrets skinned. The aluminium barrels must have a larger diameter than the paper counter parts as they have pushed the opening in the skin slightly as seen on the left turret in the photo. There is a thick strengthening plate which covers the white ‘U’ area, but this plate is also pushed inwards so will need to paint a strip of the white exposed ‘U’. The top skin was very frustrating as it is designed oversize and only glued around the perimeter to give the domed shaped. Th
  4. Hi, On to the 12” gun turrets next. There is laser cut forms for the main structure and I also have aluminium barrels to replace the rolled paper part. The assembly appears straight forward except for the top skin as this is raised/curved. When I did the 6” turrets I was caught out with the forms being the wrong height. A check of the 12” forms and skins show the same issue where either the forms are too tall or the side skin too short. The paper template is the same size as the laser cut forms. This was
  5. Hi all, I sorted and separated all the parts for the 8 different types of ships launches and boats; there are 2 for each type and after seeing all the work involved had a change of heart. So I thought I would do the search lights instead. There are 5 of these in 3 different styles and 2 colours; black and grey. The photo-etch includes protective screens and hand wheels. The major assemblies almost ready for fit up and prior to water colour edge colouring and touch-up. The diagram doesn’t show brass rod but put it
  6. Hi all, On to the funnel details now and first up forming and soldering the hand/foot rails. To date most of the iron work is 0.2mm but these rails call for 0.3mm and what a big difference…so much easier to work with. One of 4 shown. When I came to install them I realised I still need to reduce the amount of solder as once installed the joint is quite considerable for scale. The rest of the iron work and photo etch all prepared for installation. Missing here are the top funnel guards; I spent ages trying to shape and fit the photo-etch an
  7. Hi, Thanks for all the likes and kind words…it’s good to be back! On to the funnels now to add a bit of colour. There is laser cut forms for the underlying structure and a few bits of photo etch (shown) to sharpen it up, although the handrails need to be fabricated. The forms glued up and the paper components laid out. Although not clear in this photo the funnels are a nice yellow colour being a bit darker and not the primary yellow provided with Aurora. The funnel skins themselves don’t have a great deal of location points to show whe
  8. Finally back in Perth for the Christmas break with the family and modelling after being stuck in Melbourne the past 9 months and made a start on some of the smaller deck items to get back into the swing of things. First up the 2 large deck ventilators, which shows the rare occasion where the rear of the part is coloured also. Completed vents…hmmmm a bit out of practice and not particularly happy how these turned out but will be virtually unseen. I used red water colour on the inside which is brighter than the original printing but close enough.
  9. I use 'easy' grade silver solder paste from a syringe but applied with a needle for tiny components and succesfully use it on 0.2mm brass wire. The paste is sticky and once in place doesn't blow off with the torch. Obtained from a jewellers supply shop. Slog
  10. That looks the exact same one i have and it developed a similar issue where it only read up to a value and then wouldn't change. I pulled it apart and cleaned all the crud off the internals and it worked fine after that. Just be aware there is thin brass plate that acts as a spring to apply pressure. Make sure you note its orientation when removing so it goes back in same way. I didnt and had to try a coupke of times to get it right way round. Slog
  11. Will watch with interest as this was on my wish list. Slog
  12. Hi Danny This is sad news indeed and your presence will be sorely missed. You were probably the first to welcome me and provide advice away back in MSW 1.0 days when i started my Endeavour. I hope you are able to enjoy your remaining time in peace. Best Regards Slog
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