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  1. I use 'easy' grade silver solder paste from a syringe but applied with a needle for tiny components and succesfully use it on 0.2mm brass wire. The paste is sticky and once in place doesn't blow off with the torch. Obtained from a jewellers supply shop. Slog
  2. That looks the exact same one i have and it developed a similar issue where it only read up to a value and then wouldn't change. I pulled it apart and cleaned all the crud off the internals and it worked fine after that. Just be aware there is thin brass plate that acts as a spring to apply pressure. Make sure you note its orientation when removing so it goes back in same way. I didnt and had to try a coupke of times to get it right way round. Slog
  3. Will watch with interest as this was on my wish list. Slog
  4. Hi Danny This is sad news indeed and your presence will be sorely missed. You were probably the first to welcome me and provide advice away back in MSW 1.0 days when i started my Endeavour. I hope you are able to enjoy your remaining time in peace. Best Regards Slog
  5. Not sure why nobody just used google translate, which comes out as; Leningrad-Kenigsberg Kenigsberg is Konigsberg which is a historic Prussian city which becsme Kaliningrad in Russia in 1946. I would guess the writing of this on the plane would rather mean pushing the Germans from Leningrad back into Germany or some such.
  6. Hi all, Thanks for all the likes and to Chris for the nice words. I thought I would chip away at some of the remaining smaller deck components including a few skylights and companionways. I had already started prepping for the PE portholes before I remembered to take a photo. The 0.2mm and soldered handrails, g1, g2 & g3 for skylights No. 80 and 82. These took an inordinate amount of time to complete. Photo showing the above assembled. As usual nothing glued in place yet but shown in their l
  7. Hi Danny, Thanks for the info, I may use that method for the funnels. Unfortunately the bent ladder is supposed to be curved. For some reason the Port and Starboard ladders are different but I messed up the ‘curve’…in hindsight I should have matched the straight ladder but right now going to leave as is. The 6” turrets are more or less done. The parts for a rear sliding armoured hatch ready for attaching. Rear observation cupola. Front observation cupolas. These could have been neater. The turret rings
  8. Hi all, Thanks for the likes. Thanks for the link Richmond, a lot of information to be found. The rigging is of particular interest also as the computer renders supplied in my kit isn’t very clear where they terminate. Since I enjoyed mocking up the LC funnels I decided I would do the 6 turrets for the 6” guns. Photo showing the paper parts and the brass barrels I will use. These are really nice as usual and match length of the paper part pretty closely. They also have an extra tang at the rear which will come in handy for fixing which I will show later.
  9. Hi All, Thanks for all the likes and comments. Well back in Perth for the Christmas break and first off made all the ladders in preparation for fitting the boat decks and central walkways. Made a mess of the curved ladder 140P but will get lost in the clutter so not too bothered. The fore and aft boat decks went on easily enough after careful positioning and the gratings glued into place. I trimmed a section off the fore handrails where they clashed with the central walkway (not in place yet). Before fitting the central walkway I
  10. Although I only have one plastic kit under my belt since my return to modelling I have came close to knocking over the Tamiya Extra Thin glue a couple of times narrowly avoiding destroying my cutting mat, which prompted the purchase below. I really like the Dspiae products and think they have found a niche, providing well engineered products with quality packaging that Apple would be proud of. The glue bottle holder comes in a nice solid thick walled box (although mine looks like its well travelled!), with an internal lid with a Thank you and some basic instructions. T
  11. ? There is nothing fun about reading boring anecdotes on a Joke thread. You guys turn multiple threads into your own chat room. It's the Shore Leave section, open up specific threads purely for the usual suspects to discuss, spout, reminese whatever topic your hearts desire so people like myself can avoid. I want to be able to look at specific threads that might be of interest to me based on the title instead of the pot luck it is becoming. It's not a difficult concept.
  12. Thread title "Them Old Jokes" seems to be a bit of a misnomer. But since its supposed to be a joke thread; "How many posters does it take to derail a thread?" "Apparently at least 6"
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