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Syren gunport framing/template problem

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Hi all,


I am starting the framing on my Syren and I seem to have run into a problem which I have yet to figure out. Long story short, the templates that came with the kit do not fit my hull or my plans. At first I thought I really messed up on the bulkheads but after I measured everything a couple times, I have concluded that I am either blind or the templates are wrong. I am including a rather poor picture and I would appreciate some comments. Overall the templates are almost 5/8 inch short compared to what the plans show they should be.





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Yupp...something looks really off there.  Either they printed your plans wrong or the templates are way off.  They probably didnt set the page scaling to "none" when they printed them.


I would measure the scale bar on the plans.  If that is correct then simply copy that and use it.  This probabloy would mean that all of your templates are printed incorrectly.  Send me a PM and I can email you a pdf of the templates.   But just give me your email adress.  I wont have time to send it until tomorrow though.



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I'm just starting C.3 of the practicum. It's several years later and MS never corrected the templates. I can cut out the starboard template from Sheet Two. My special relations are non-existent. If I flip the the starboard template and place it on the port side of the ship, will the framing line up correctly? Alternatively, Chuck are the PDF templates still available? Thanks, Ed (EdatWycliffe)



Current Build:

US Brig Syren


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MS kit Phantom

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